Vaults of Madness (Inside the world of the Metal merch collector)

Bucking the trend of modern music, the Metal genre continues to stick to the Left Hand Path of society, with bands and labels big and small creating a continuous supply of physical music, and a stash of super cool band merch, which is seemingly never out of demand.

Like those into the classic tape trading days of the 80s, there is still a fiercely dedicated section of the Metal community who supports the scene by passionately collecting all manner of physical merch, be it a high quality limited release splatter vinyl by a top tier metal band, all the way through to small run of hand numbered cassettes sold by an unsigned artist out of their bedroom.

These collectors are the lifeblood for many bands, offering unbelievable support to their artistic expressions through purchases and social media promotion, whilst also ensuring the longevity of the scene by collecting and showcasing physical items.

This series by Steve O’Brien from Aussie underground Death Thrash band Aeons Abyss, will feature interviews with Metal Merch collectors, who will tell the tales of their collection, highlighting prized items and recounting episodes of endurance and lunacy that enabled them to stock their very own Vault of Madness.

Metal Vaults Collection No 4 – Marc G with a C, from the UK

Hello! My name is Marc & I am a heavy metal addict, for which there is no cure! I have been an addict for over 30 years now!
I have my own YouTube channel ‘Marc G with a C’ where I talk about all things heavy metal!
I also play guitar in the U.K. Death/Doom Metal band Enchantment & we are currently in the process of recording our 2nd album to be released by Cosmic Key Creations/Transcending Records! […]

Metal Vaults Collection No 3 – Liam ‘The Death Doom Metalhead’ from Norfolk, UK

Hello everyone, to most I’m known as Liam or if you follow me on social media most refer to me as ‘The Death Doom Metalhead’. I live in the UK in the county of Norfolk which is located on the east coast of England. My journey into the metal world of music started around the year 2000 with the rise of the nu metal movement. Bands like Korn & Rammstein were big staples of me growing into a metal head and it’s just got heavier and heavier as the years have gone by! […]

Metal Vault Collection No 2 – Dylan Clark Arkansas, USA

I’m Dylan Clark from central Arkansas (Ark-an-saw), USA. I am a younger guy, as far as collectors go. I was born in ’92 so my first memory of collecting was begging my mom for AC/DC Back in Black, and Metallica Black album at a very young age. So maybe like 1998? I still have those cds hahahaha. My parents got me into metal. My earliest memories have Van Halen, Motley Crue, Great white, Ozzy, etc playing in the background. […]