Metal Vault Collection No 1 – Don from Minnesota, USA

Introduce yourself and how you first got into Metal

My name is Don and I’m from Minnesota in the United States.  I started collecting heavy metal memorabilia in the early 1980s. 

Tell Noob Heavy about your collection

I have a room in my house dedicated to my collection and music in general.  I have thousands of items including tour shirts, posters, vinyl records,  cassettes,  magazines and CDs.  I collect anything related to music really.  I suppose I have many valuable items but I couldn’t put a value on my collection.  

What was your trigger to start collecting?

I started collecting sports cards when I was a kid.  It just carried over when I started getting into music.  I got my first albums in 1983. Def Leppard,  Quiet Riot,  and Motley Crue.  I bought my first magazines in 1983 and that was it. I became obsessed with Motley Crue and basically collected everything I could find of them.  My obsession hasn’t wavered to this day. 

How do you manage your collection? 

I’m not very organized at all. Alot of my stuff is stored in tubs or packed away.  Some of my favorite items I have displayed on shelves or hung on the wall. I used to trade things with friends but not so much anymore.  I still go to record stores and concerts to buy new items. Ebay has been a tremendous resource.  One day I would like to sort through and organize everything.  

What is your most valued item, and does it have a story?

I would say my most valued item would have to be my signed poster of Dimebag Darrell.  I met Pantera before a show in 1997 and he signed a couple of magazine posters for me.  I have met many bands and have a lot of signed items but obviously Dime is special.  

Poster signed by Dimebag Darrell of Pantera in 1997

Which item in your collection has your favourite artwork?

Besides various album covers, I have a Slayer shirt from the Reign In Blood tour that has some killer artwork.  A priest on the altar with 2 guitars stabbing him. Pretty metal I think. 

Possibly the coolest ever old school Slayer t-shirt

What item has the craziest backstory and how did it come to be in your possession? 

I don’t have anything with a crazy story behind it but I have a denim vest signed by Megadeth in 1987.  Anything related to Mustaine back then is crazy. It was signed at an in store signing. 

Hand drawn 1980s Metal Jacket signed by Dave Mustaine of Megadeth in 1987

What is your Holy Grail?

As far as a holy grail item I want,  I would say an original No Life Til Leather demo. One that was sent out by Lars. That would be a cool piece of history.  

Why do you think it’s important to collect physical media and metal merch?

Besides supporting the bands I think collecting has great historical value.  Its a great way to remember parts of your life and how music played a part in it. Nothing beats reading a magazine from 1985 and being transported back in time to when you were a kid.  I have lots of memories and stories tied to my collection. 

How can people follow you on Social Media, and see your collection?

I’m on Instagram @donmycka and have been posting my collection for a couple of years now. Tons of stuff on there and tons more to come! 

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I do the music for the band Aeons Abyss. I have been into Metal since the mid 80s, growing up in country Victoria, Australia. Some of my favourite bands include Morbid Angel, Slayer, Obituary, Bolt Thrower, King Diamond, Megadeth, and Iron Maiden. Over the past 3 years I have become a massive fan of underground metal, and for me, the scene is very much akin to the tape trading days when metal first started; now the tapes are Bandcamp, Spotify and Youtube, and social media is our tool to network with other underground metal fans from all over the world. A little about my band: Aeons Abyss formed in 2017 for a recording project commencing with music written in the early to mid nineties under the band name Cataclysm. Our music is Death Thrash Metal, and we have two releases from 2019, our debut EP Pity Eloquence, and our LP, Impenitent. Our music is on all streaming platforms, and Bandcamp, where we also sell our merch direct to fans. In 2020, we released two stand-alone singles, and we're currently working on our next release, a concept album, that will be released in 2021 (date TBC).

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