Album Review: NaKhArA – “The Procession” 9/10 (Prog Death)

Sometimes a music publication can overlook a release from a smaller artist that kicks just as much ass as those from bigger acts. Lord knows I’ve read about it countless times in columns on underground music. As the fine folks at Heavy Blog is Heavy point out, we’re living through a golden age of underground music and there is an absolute flood of new releases at all times. I’m still new to writing music reviews for Noob Heavy (six weeks strong!) but I already find the number of communications soliciting reviews for upcoming releases a bit overwhelming. And I only see the releases for 4-5 subgenres! So it’s perfectly understandable that some gems from smaller and/or newer acts get overlooked in the deluge of press kits and review requests. That being said I want to right one such oversight today with this review for The Procession by NaKhArA.  […]

Metal Collectors

Metal Vaults Collection No 3 – Liam ‘The Death Doom Metalhead’ from Norfolk, UK

Hello everyone, to most I’m known as Liam or if you follow me on social media most refer to me as ‘The Death Doom Metalhead’. I live in the UK in the county of Norfolk which is located on the east coast of England. My journey into the metal world of music started around the year 2000 with the rise of the nu metal movement. Bands like Korn & Rammstein were big staples of me growing into a metal head and it’s just got heavier and heavier as the years have gone by! […]


Album Review: Next Door To Heaven – “Inside” 6.5/10 (Progressive Metalcore)

You’ve got to admire the ambition of Next Door To Heaven. The St. Petersburg-based four-piece describes the sound of their new EP, entitled Inside, as “a mixture of metalcore, prog metal, alternative metal, melodic metal and rapcore.” All that seems fair, although the very latter may be a bit of a stretch. Realistically, it’s probably best described as progressive metalcore, kind of in the vein of a band like Spiritbox, albeit with the notable absence of harsh vocals. […]


Album Review: Unflesh – “Inhumation” 7/10 (Death Metal)

A while back, in his review for the new Orecus album, John Angel asked “How do you like your death metal?” It’s a good question, and so, with a tip of the hat to John, today I’d like to ask you the same. What is your death metal flavor of choice? Do you like it technical, precise as hell and complex? Maybe you prefer it on the melodic side, with soaring guitar lines and a touch of power metal flair. Or do you want it blackened, icy with just the right amount of evil filth? […]


Album Review: Wesenwille – “II: A Material God” 8/10 (Black Metal)

Wesenwille is a Black Metal duo from the Netherlands; D. Schermann takes care of the drums and R. Schmidt handles the guitars, bass, and vocals. They specialize in a very modern style of Black Metal, not only in terms of their compositions but also in terms of their lyrical content. Whereas most Black Metal bands tend to focus on (anti) religious lyrical themes, this Dutch duo are anti-capitalist to their blackened core. Their lyrics offer scathing critiques of the industrialization of the modern world and place the listener solidly in the year 2021. Their 2018 debut was one of my favorite albums of that year and when I heard they were releasing another full-length, I was fully prepared to have my mind blown once again. Expectations almost met. […]

Guest Writers

Fuzzy Sun Selections: White Suns, USA/MEXICO, Black Pus, Nearly Dead & Endon

I have been a metalhead all my life, listening mostly to Death Metal, Thrash, and some black metal. The best times I had and where I have seen some of the best shows were at Wacken Open Air. The last decade of my life my taste has shifted to noiserock, hardcore punk and heavy psych but I still listen to Metal and will so for the rest of my life. Still listen regularly to Entombed, Mayhem and Obituary. Last year I absolutely loved Pyrrhon and Gulch. So I am really glad to do a small post here on NoobHeavy because the genres noiserock and metal are of course all very close (saw a post a while ago about Couch Slut which I am big fan of). I wanted to list a couple of albums here that are really really heavy and play mostly with heavy feedback, noise and like to experiment with their sound. […]


Interview: Rodrigo “Shakal” Loreto, from MOFO (Thrash Metal)

Since I’ve rekindled my music adventures with my Aussie Death Thrash band, Aeons Abyss, I’ve loved connecting with the underground metal scene, especially in Brazil. This country, most famous for its Football, in my books should be just as famous for its Metal. I’m proud to say that I now have many great friends and unbelievable supporters of my own band coming from this country (although getting any merch sent there is a nightmare, due to import taxes). […]


Album Review: Obvurt – “The Beginning” 8.2/10 (Brutal Death)

When thinking of genres that don’t really see much innovation, brutal death metal may be somewhere near the top of your list, and for good reason. I like brutal death metal, it’s a fine genre, but it’s not one that’s really adventurous. It’s gory, meat and potatoes, punishing death metal 99% of the time, which is fine, but it’s the bands that can think outside of that box that end up being memorable in the long run. […]