Here’s a list of Bandcamp albums that are Name Your Own Price (free) and have been released in 2022 and that I thought were good quality. Many of these albums have barely been heard so get in here and stream some new bands to find! It’s encouraged to support the bands if possible but I know it’s not possible for all of us. If you want one added email and I’ll check it out. If you ever see nazi shit posted here or anywhere on Noob Heavy, I didn’t know and you can email me at to remove that trash. The 2020 Free Bandcamp Wiki is still up and will stay up and so will the 2021 Free Bandcamp Wiki. Use CTRL+F on Windows to browse by genre or location.

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(Blackened death doom split)

Core To The Core – Vol 29

Loud Rage Music – Fertile Soil Compilation Vol. 1
(Romanian metal comp)

For The Rocks – Burn The Ship
(Christian metalcore/death comp)

Metallurg Compilation – Metal Is Forged Here
(Various metal genre international comp)

Possessed Promotions – TRAPCORE’S BANGIN’ HITS
(Trap metal comp)

Weedian – Halloween 2022

Weedian – Trip To Austra
(Stoner doom comp)

Weedian – Trip to Brazil
(Stoner doom comp)

Weedian – Trip To Japan
(Stoner doom comp)

Weedian – Trip To New England

Weedian – Trip To North Carolina

Weedian – Trip to Oregon


Achromatous – Achromatous EP
(Tech death, Germany)

A Dream of Ghosts – A Dream of Ghosts
(Doomcore, USA)

Advanced Logic Degree – Unnatural Science
(Prog metal, Greece)

Aequorea – Dim
(Atmospheric death doom, USA)

Andras – PlagueRot
(Black metal, USA)

Anemera – Fiction And A Dream
(Prog metal, USA)

Anthems Of Gomorrah – Aelvica
(Black/death, USA)

Ape Unit – Filth
(Grindcore/Powerviolence, Japan)

Argento – First Comes Madness​.​.​. Then Comes Death!
(Thrash metal, Ireland)

Ashed – Festering In Bongwater EP
(Brutal death/weed, Canada)

Astral Mantra – Rise Of The Lords
(Gothic Doom, Russia)

Autosarcophagy – Dolor
(naturalistic death metal, USA)

Baalsebub – Famine
(Brutal death/Slam, USA)

Bad Omen – Returns…
(Thrash/Rock, Netherlands)

(Brutal death/slam, USA)

Battle Symphony – War On Earth
(Power metal, France)

Batlord – Depressive & Aggressive
(DSBM/Black n roll, USA)

Besotten – In Filth It Will Be Found
(OSDM/Doom, USA)

Blade Of Marrow – Luminous Rot
(Experimental black metal, USA)

Break The Cycle – Break The Cycle
(Crossover thrash, USA)

Carbon Age – Carnage
(Deathcore, Germany)

Cancelled Earth – A Treatise On Pointlessness
(Death doom, Australia)

CAVERNUS – Ápeiron
(Blackened death, Mexico)

Celebratum – Instinct
(Black metal, Norway)

Cenotaph – Precognition to Eradicate
(Brutal death/slam, USA)

Ceremonial Decay – The Crescent and the Cross
(Death/Sludge, USA)

Class Traitor – Calving
(Blackened sludge, Australia)

Codespeaker – Codespeaker
(post/Sludge, UK)

Cradle – Cradle
(Blackened deathcore, USA)

Crawling Through Tartarus – Libations EP
(Death/Groove/Worst Bandcamp page layout ever, USA)

Crimson Tower – Aeternal Abyss
(Epic trad doom, USA)

Crystal Tower – Awaken
(Power Metal, USA)

Cult Of Azura – Cult Of Azura
(Black metal, Canada)

Dead Charm – HammerSaw
(Blackened death, USA)\

Demon Goat – Miserable City
(Black/Sludge, USA)

Demoralizations – Slow waker
(Deathcore, Japan)

Destral – Fembres pecadrius
(Trad metal, Spain)

Directional – Invasive
(Black/Sludge, Sweden)

Etheric – Slaughtered Effigies of Frailty
(Death metal, USA)

Esmurrugador – Agrodeath
(Antifascist black, Brazil)

(Blackened thrash, USA)

Excreta – Mesmerized
(Death/Crust, Switzerland)

Facepalm Death – Facepalm Death
(Death/grind, Bulgeria)

Fracture – Bone Saw EP
(Crossover Thrash, Canada)

Fracture Mechanics – The Azathoth Suite
(Prog Metal, USA)

garden of sadness – the futility of life makes me sick
(Raw DSBM)

Get Rekt – Self titled
(Crossover thrash, Australia)

Goodwrench – Absconder
(Crossover thrash, USA)

GoreSkinCoffin – Release My Suffering
(Blackened death grind, USA)

Greed Worm – Hell Is Hell
(Death/Hardcore, USA)

Grimheart – Ripples
(Blackened deathcore, Germany)

Gurgulator – Risen From The Slime!
(Grindcore, UK)

heksejact – heksejact
(Blackgaze, USA)

High Priest – Vile’s Vice
(Death/Black/Hardcore, USA)

Homeskin – Life’s Wishes to Tears
(Black metal, USA)

HRAEFN – Call For Blood
(Heavy/Doom, Belgium)

Innate Despondency – Where The Dead Men Reign
(Deathcore, USA)

Insipidus – Ubiquity Hereafter
(Prog death, USA)

Iōhannēs – I Tried, And It All Fell Apart
(Black/Death, USA)

Iōhannēs – Jacob’s LAdder
(Prog/Death/Black, USA)

KAINXVIII – Modern Kings
(Crust/Grind, Belarus)

Kieth Merrow – Mojave Repressions
(Death metal, USA)

Killing In Apathy – Rogues Gallery: Cell Block A
(Deathcore, USA)

Knellhound – Knellhound
(Instrumental prog, Australia)

Laden – the Visitation
(Post metal, USA)

Light Dweller – Lucid Offering
(Death metal, USA)

Lunatii – To Dream & Fall
(Death doom/post black, Russia)

Maurda – Cultus Brachypter
(Black/death, Germany)

Malenceinte – Malenceinte
(Blackened grind, USA)

(Death/Thrash, Chile)

Melofrenia – Melofrenia
(Melo death/groove, Argentina)

Meteor – Meteor
(Blackened thrash, Canada)

Million Dead Angels – Full Blown Satanic Assault
(Death/Hardcore, USA)

Miserable – Esclavo Miserable
(Thrash metal, Peru)

MÖLAG BAL – Temples
(Antifascist black, Canada)

Nailwalker – The Gutted Trout of Dear Life
(Black/death, USA)

Necroknight – Tribes Of The East
(Death/Heavy metal, Germany)

Neon Mud – Out Of The Mud
(Thrash/Doom, Poland)

Oceans & Inlets – Terminus
(Prog metal, USA)

Ontborg – Within The Depths Of Oblivion
(OSDM, Italy)

PALM EATR – The Weight Of The World
(Prog death, USA)

Panic Room – Bound In Chains
(Crossover thrash, USA)

Parseltongue – Basilisk
(Tech deathcore, USA)

Pendulous – A Palpable Sense of Love & Loss
(Death doom, USA)

Possessor – The Speed of Death
(Thrash/Speed, UK)

Post Luctum – The Night Carries On
(Death doom, USA)

Preamp Disaster – By The Edges
(post metal, Switzerland)

Rake-Off – Observing Madness
(Crossover thrash, Italy)

Raid Crew – Slaughternation
(thrash metal, Germany)

Reaping Flesh – Reaping Flesh
(Black metal/crust, Norway)

Release The River – Spirit Corrupt
(Blackened melo death, Netherlands)

Rinok – Ocean’s Desire
(Prog death, Chile)

Rotlaust – The Dirge
(Blackened death, Ireland)

Sadomagickal Seducer – Portal to the Holy Lands of Phallic Diseases
(Raw black/death, Canada)

Saltsower – Saltsower
(Black/sludge, Finland/Brazil)

Sfeerverzieker – Wrath Of The Child
(Sludge metal, Netherlands)

Shock Metamorphism – Work And Days
(Alt metal/Post metal, Austria)

Simetria Zero – Pecados
(Deathcore/Melo death, Brazil)

Sirius – Progress
(Thrash metal, Spain)

Skull Abrasion – War Of Spring
(Prog black, UK)

SOM – The Shape Of Everything
(Post Metal, USA)

Sound Of Silence – PRIMVS CAPITE
(Melo death, Spain)

Solid Feces – Six Ton Stone
(Slam/Goregrind/Shitcore, USA)

Speedpig – Generation Of Swine
(Thrash/Trad, UK)

Spiteful Visions – Spiteful Visions
(Tech death/Instrumental, Canada)

Stormrider – What Lies Within
(Trad metal, UK)

Sublation – The Path To Bedlem
(Progressive Blackened Death, USA)

Suns of Orion – The Missing
(Post metal/Doom, USA)

Tactus – Summits
(Prog/Djent, Canada)

Teratoma – Purulent Manifestations
(Death/black/sludge, USA)

The Aphotic Strain – Palingenesis
(Melo death, Hungary)

The Gnashing – Grim Tides
(Black/Doom, Canada)

The Killer Goliath – The True Killer
(Death/Beatdown, Colombia)

The Neologist – Oracle
(Melo death, USA)

Throwe – Forfald
(blackened metallic hardcore, Denmark)

Towers Of Ruin – Ropes Of guilt
(Death doom, USA)

Toxic Carnage – Primitive
(Thrash/Speed, Brazil)

Tyler Corbett – Doxian
(Prog Death, Canada)

Urskek – Thra
(Atmospheric Doom, Sweden/UK)

Vagrant – Rat King EP
(Blackened hardcore, USA)

Valkyrie A.D. – Where Terror Reigns
(Melo death/Thrash, USA)

Verminthrone – Kingdom Of worms
(Sludgecore/Groove, UK)

Vile Species – Against the Values of Civilization
(Grind/Violence, Japan)

(Powerviolence/black thrash, Indonesia)

Void Of Light – Void Of Light
(Post Metal, UK)

War Chariot – In For The Kill Vol​.​1
(Groove metal, USA)

Wilderness of Mirrors – Extinction Level Event
(Post Black, UK)

Wormbrood – Flawed Redemption
(Death doom, Germany)

Yfelsian – Your Sword Like the Broken Reeds in the Water
(Raw black/death, USA)

Yumi Sakata – The Inner Monomyth
(Prog death/math)

Zatyr – Where Light Would Not Dare
(Black/speed, Sweden)


Auerbode – Auerbode
(Doomgaze, Belgium)

Black Claw – The Unabating Terror
(Drone/Doom, UK)

Bongskrap – Bong Voyage
(Stoner/Sludge/Pirate, Norway)

Dog Chasing Thoughts – Angel Of Combustion
(Stoner doom, Russia)

Dozethrone – Deplorable Threnody For Obsequies
(Drone/Doom, Singapore)

FATIMA – Fossil
(Stoner rock/fuzz, France)

Gateways to Oblivion – Withering in the Dark
(Stoner metal, Brazil)

Kronikov – Futile Existence
(Drone/Noise, Canada)

Judd Madden – Dead End Thoughts: Instrumental
(Doom, Australia)

LáGoon – Bury Me Where I drop
(Stoner rock, USA)

Metadoom – The Swamp
(Atmospheric Doom, Russia)

Saturnist – Aeon
(Psychedelic Stoner doom, Finland)

Sky Pigs – It Thrives In Darkness
(Stoner doom, USA)

SÖNUS – “Usurper Of The Universe
(Stoner rock, Canada)

Stoned Horses – Stoned Horses
(Stoner rock, Canada)

the​.​REDS – the​.​REDS
(Desert Rock/Post/Blues, USA)

Smokechamber – Soul Sanctuary
(Doom/noise, Singapore)

Tomistoma – The Chase
(Occult doom, UK)

Visions of Mortality – Visions of Mortality
(Crossover Thrash, USA)

von Stroheim – The Saturday Night Fever Sessions
(Occult rock, Belgium)

Wiccan – Grimoire I : Craft
(Occult Rock, USA)

Worship The Sun – Worship The sun EP
(Stoner metal, USA)

Your Highness – The Ragbag Vol​.​1
(Stoner rock, Belgium)

ШАБАШ – Wow Man
(Stoner doom, Russia)


Abraham – Débris de mondes perdus
(Blackened post hardcore, Switzerland)

ABRUPT DECAY – I Was Never Here
(Mathcore, Canada)

Abstract Grave – The Past The Present The Future EP

(Deathcore/Djent, Romania)

Acadence – Eternal Warfare
(Prog metalcore/djent, Australia)

AfflictionAD – F I L T H
(Metalcore, Switzerland)

Alit – The Seed of Self​-​Destruction
(Prog metalcore, Sweden)

Alley Trash – Foul
(Metalcore/Post hardcore, USA)

Anna Sage – Anna Sage
(Post hardcore/Metalcore, France)

Atameo – it sure is sad to hope for the best while expecting the worst
(emoviolence, Israel)

As The Sky Melts – god is your subconscious
(MEtalcore/Post hardcore, USA)

(Metallic hardcore/Death, USA)

Blackwolf – Nothing Left To Give
(Metallic/beatdown, USA)

Bleidd – Darklights
(Metalcore/Deathcore, Spain)

BITE – Sounds Of Agony
(Metalcore, Germany)

Born From Adversity – Amazing Disgrace
(Metallic/Nucore, Spain)

Broken Ceilings – Little did We Know
(Post Hardcore, USA)

Cages – Second Thoughts
(Post Hardcore, Italy)

Call Your Bluff – Call Your Bluff
(Metalcore/Melodic hardcore, Canada)

Captive – captive
(Metallic/Beatdown, USA)

Cherry Smoke – Nowhere To Hide
(Post hardcore, USA)

Chew Thru – Baby Birds
(Hardcore punk, Canada)

Choking Game – Smudge
(queer power violence, USA)

Choke Me – Death Like A Sunset
(Fastcore, USA)

Cold Frame – Pull ME Out
(Hardcore, USA)

Constraints of Light – Constraints of Light
(posthardcore/sludge, USA)

Convulsion – everything will be ok.
(Hardcore/Grind, UK)

Darasuum – We Are Not Your Seasonal Friends

Deceive – Dwelling
(Brutal Death, USA)

Demonic Possession – Demonic Possession
(MEtalcore/Hardcore, America)

Demoralizations – Dilemma and Repetition
(Chaotic metalcore, Japan)

Disperser CA – Split with Kuru
(Hardcore, USA)

Done In – Senseless
(“Dark” hardcoree, UK)

Dweller – White Rabbit
(Progressive metalcore, Australia)

Earth & Elsewhere – Earth & Elsewhere
(Post hardcore/”Dream” metal, USA)

eyesnomouth – Griefhole
(Sludgecore, UK)

Eyesnomouth – The infinity of non​-​existence
(Sludgecore, UK)

eyesnomouth – NIHIL
(Sludgecore, UK)

Fatal Path – Fatal Path EP
(Hardcore, Austria)

Fracture NJ – Reflections Of Regret
(Metallic hardcore, USA)

Fromhell – Fromhell S/t
(Hardcore/Grind, Colombia)

GhostPlanet – Sorry About The Mess
(Hardcore punk, USA)

Glassing – Dire and Sulk EP
(Post hardcore/sludge, USA)

Glen Minus – HAlf Sunk
(Raw post hardcore, USA)

Gouged Faith – Crisis
(Powerviolence, Canada)

GVILLOTINE – Sunsetter Session
(Blackened emo grind, Germany)

Hamadryas – Grima
(Djentcore, Chile)

Handbrake Hero – Handbrake Hero
(Melodic hardcore/emo, Canada)

(Metallic hardcore/Crossover, USA)

Hubris Cannon – Unlimited
(MEtallic/straight edge, USA)

Human Empathy Machine – Party In The Abattoir
(Powerviolence/Mathcore, UK)

Hypnagogia – dead in the shore
(Deathcore/ambient/gaze, Brazil)

inflict. – The Fear of Losing Everything
(Metalcore/djent/screamo, USA)

(Metallic hardcore punk, USA)

KNIGHTS – What We Fall Prey To
(Metallic/Melodic hardcore, USA)

KOMAHAWK – No Hope For Tomorrow
(Hardcore punk/thrash, Germany)

Marginal – Homonimo
(Hardcore, Chile)

Messersmiths – Worms EP
(Metalcore/Groove metal, USA)

Mishap – Space 2 Breathe
(Hardcore/Thrash, USA)

Mississippi Burning – Dust
(Metalcore/hardcore, USA)

Mouth of the Paradox – Cicada Cadence
(Death metal, USA)

Mourning – Disenlightenment
(Hardcore/Black metal, UK)

Nulled – Strokes Of Reason
(Symphonic metalcore, Spain)

Phantom Nomad – To Ghost Through Channels
(Blackened djent, USA)

Perpetual Paradox – Endless Cycle
(Post hardcore/Metalcore, UK)

Perpetual Paradox – Monophobia
(Deathcore/metalcore, UK)

Pyromann – Zkáza
(Metalcore/Deathcore, Czechia)

Sealed Fate – Crawling Back EP
(Metallic Hardcore, Canada)

Sepulchral Curse – Deathbed Sessions
(Black/Death. Finland)

Sleeping On Stardust – Celestial Monarchy
(Cybergrind, USA)

Sobriquet – Aoptheosis
(Post hardcore, UK)

Spectral Souls – Towards Extinction
(Death thrash, Peru)

(Hardcore punk, Australia)

Streets Of Rage HK – Raw Dog
(Hardcore punk, Hong Kong)

Strictly Hip Hop – Who’s Next?
(Powerviolence/beats, USA)

Survived By Nothing – Permanent Wounds
(Metalcore, Croatia)

Takeshi’s Casket – Untitled EP
(Metalcore/Emo, Japan)

Thieves Stay Thieves – Handcrafted Demise EP
(Hardcore punk, USA)

The Fool – Demo
(Crossover, USA)

The Observer Effect – APOTHEOSIS
(Instrumental/prog metalcore, USA)

The Owl’s Offering – Effigy EP
(Deathcore/Screamo, USA)

Thraximundar – Soul Evacuation
(Cybergrind, USA)

Thunder Policy – Everyone is a Monster (and everything is garbage)
(Post hardcore/Emoviolence, USA)}

Trilita -Trilita
(Hardcore/Screamo, Spain)

To Glimpse The Sea – The Descent
(Prog metalcore, UK)

Torchbearer – Solace
(Metalcore, UK)

Vomi – Cringecore
(Mathcore/Post hardcore, Germany)

(Metalcore, Nepal)

we gaze into sunlight – Zerfall
(Post hardcore, Germany)

Weight Bearer – Take Everything Leave Nothing
(Metalcore, UK)

WHEN THE DEAD WON’T DIE – Paradise Is My Misery
(Blackened deathcore, USA)

Wolverton – Lover: Chapter 1
(Post hardcore/prog, Canada)

Yarostan – II
(Post hardcore/Screamo, France)

(Mathcore, Germany)


2077 – Cybernetic Dreams
(Grindcore/raw black metal, USA)

Artificial Extinction – Palpable Anguish
(Powerviolence/Grind, USA)

Billy Qvarnström – Das Elfen Leid
(Anime grind, Sweden)

Blightcaster – Of Blood​-​Cursed Night
(Funeral fusion, USA)

Body Hammer – as long as you still breathe
(Power violence/electronic/noise, USA)

(Noise/Hardcore punk, Australia)

Collapstomy – Inner Journey
(Brutal groove metal, USA)

Corpselium – The Weaver of Shadows
(Psychedelic doom, UK)

CVSTODIA – When Gods Lose Their Cults, They Become Demons EP
(“Dark Downtempo Deathcore influenced by Doom Metal and corrupted by Noisecore”, USA)

denisitten. – _sidelongglances
(Numetalcore/Noise, Ukraine)

Den Of Evil – Night Terrors From The Shadow Realm
(Cybergrind/deathcore, USA)

Earthworm von Doom – Deux
(Prog/Grind/Noise, USA)

Foreign Bodies – Under This Fake Skin
(Experimental Doom, Croatia)

Föss – La nueva genialidad
(Experimental doom, Spain)

Godessless – Fucking the Moon
(Experimental deathcore/prog, New Zealand)

Halaak – Forced Into Torment
(Grind/noise/sludge/crust/political, Oman)

Hexrot – Gloomwrought
(Black/Math/Doom, USA)

Homeskin – Cries Methodically
(Chaos genre, USA)

Homeskin – Integument Crystallization
(Chaos genre, USA)

Kuncle – What’s The Diagnosis?
(Cybergrind, Australia)

Kuncle – Life Goes On
(Cybergrind, Australia)

Kurse – Prophecies, Episode II: The Apprehension
(Stoner rock, Canada)

Limp-Wristed Noodle Boy – LWNB Demos
(Chaotic sasscore, USA)

Porous Filth – Our Eternal Torture
(Blackened grind, USA)

Putrid Stu – Buried Alive in a Trailer Park
(Goregrind, USA)

Sleeping on Stardust – Retro Violence Deluxe
(Cybergrind, USA)

The No Reap – The No Reap
(Post/ raw black/noise, USA)

Wounding – Hunted
(powerviolence/sludge, Finland)

Woundlicker – Longing Thaws
(Industrial/Cybergrind, USA)

Zetabyte – G//E
(MEtalcore/Electronic, USA)