To submit your album as a label, PR person or signed band, email noobheavyau@gmail.com with a coherent promo package. Do not sign the below email up to any list or send promos there, only through this email or else you may be blocked.

To submit your album as an independent band or solo project, email teamnoobheavy@gmail.com with a coherent promo package. If you don’t have one or not sure how to then I recommend hiring a PR company or filling our the questionnaire below. I need an MP3 direct download (Dropbox, google drive, bandcamp code, etc) of the release. Encode the MP3s properly, (MP3TAG is a free tool – fill in “album artist” as your band name) because I download every album into a pool and if the media player doesn’t make sense of track order or band name, you might not get heard. Upcoming albums get priority. I don’t accept streaming links or youtube videos as review submissions but feel free to include it with the rest of the required info to use in the article. We get a lot of promos every day so the easier it is for me to access your content the more likely you will get covered, I read each one and listen to each one, if I cover it I will contact you but I can’t respond to them all. Navigate to our team page for their emails to increase your odds. Looking forward to hearing your work.

Band name:
Release date:
Cover artist:
Band socials:
Include direct download or bandcamp codes (make sure to do both if not enough codes for the team, about 5).
Include artwork that’s of decent image quality (Generally between 700×700 and 1500×1500).

Join The Team:

Email noobheavyau@gmail.com with a review in the general format of Noob Heavy. Five or more paragraphs of a recent album. If we jive I’ll send you some promos to choose from. After a couple of articles and organised promotions, you’ll be integrated into the core team with group chat, access to the full promo list and are added to the team page. We get early promos from many labels like Transcending Obscurity, Unique Leader, Willowtip, Scarlet Records, Prosthetic Records, The Artisan Era and many more. Credit (link of your choice up top) is given in the articles and tagged in social promotions so we can help you with your own platform in the process. Writers from other sites are welcome, I’m always happy to cross promote with fellow passionate music writers and you can definitely plug your band in your credits and get some support from being in the Noob Heavy community. We’re all pretty damn cool.