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(Email example review or column pitch and introduce yourself if you’d like to join our team)

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The inbox is managed by Melinda/Carcassbomb (She/Her). Not sir or dude.

Valid promos will be forwarded to my review team of approx 6-8 people. Emails are included below so people using bandcamp codes to promote can reach out to them directly rather than rely on my time management.

A Valid promo includes:

A full MP3 download to your release.

Release date and rough approximation of genre at the top (So I can know it’s relevant and forward it immediately).

I only forward albums with a future release date, so get in as early as possible.

We do NOT review singles or lyric videos or cover announcements.

What we are about:

A lot of the main genres are explored between the team but we primarily focus on death, black, doom, post, hardcore, deathcore and all it’s variants and experiments. We do still cover thrash and trad metal and such, but to a much lesser extent. Most of us are in our 20s and early 30s so we lean modern.

We are a very trans and queer friendly website and I (Melinda/Carcassbomb) personally prioritise a lot of these projects, so be sure to get in touch (especially if you’re on Discord and want an invite to our very queer metal server).

We are also very anarchist and communist friendly and prioritise a lot of those projects, especially RABM (Red & Anarchist Black Metal).

We won’t willingly cover anything fascist, bigoted, pro police or generally right wing. Ya’ll can get fucked. You have the entire rest of the music industry willing to promote your trash so leave us alone. If you see anything like this on Noob Heavy, please reach out to let me know so I may investigate and potentially remove coverage.

Review team:

Ridley: Hunterslauer @ – Twitter

Jeff Murderwood: Jefferymurderwood @ – Twitter

Chrisy: chrisy.b @ – Twitter

Kep: theoriginalkepreviews @ – Twitter

Swatty: deceptiswat @ – Twitter

Ellis: ellisheasley15 @ – Twitter

John Angel: john.angel.lessons @ – Twitter

The other members like Espi Kvlt, Zax and Steve are sent specific promos from me or have their own column they manage. If you have a queer black metal project you want Espi to write about, send it to the main email with “ATTN Espi”.