Contents of this page, each one has different requirements or advice:

  • Album submission
  • Demo/single submission
  • Interview requests
  • Premier submission
  • Noob Heavy Australia (only) YT
  • Pr requests
  • Join the team
  • Everything Else


To submit your album, email with a coherent and simple promo package, if you don’t have one or not sure how to then I recommend hiring a PR company or filling our the questionnaire below. I need a good quality MP3 direct download (Dropbox, google drive, bandcamp code, etc) of the release. Encode the MP3s properly, (MP3TAG is a free tool) because I download every album into a pool and if the player doesn’t make sense of track order or band name, you might not get heard. Upcoming albums get priority. I don’t accept streaming links or youtube videos as review submissions but feel free to include it with the rest of the required info to use in the article. We get a lot of promos every day so the easier it is for me to access your content the more likely you will get covered, I read each one and listen to each one, if I cover it I will contact you but I can’t respond to them all. There’s other free promotions I do for bands outside of reviews, if you want to keep up to do with my band opportunities join my newsletter for bands (no marketing and I won’t spam). Looking forward to hearing your work.

Band name:
Release date:
Cover artist:
Band socials:
Include direct download or bandcamp code.
Include artwork that’s of decent image quality.

I do accept physical copies, particularly cassettes. The only CDs I collect are of Australian metal bands so feel free to send those in. I will also wear your shirt. This is much easier within Australia as postage is cheap domestically as I’d feel bad if you spent 15 bucks to send me something.

This is a free service, scored reviews cannot be purchased nor do I review my own PR clients (unless i was hired after the fact). Noob heavy reviews is a place of craft building and integrity.


If you want to submit a single song for demo for critique or feedback, from myself and guest musicians from bands, then submit the track along with a brief explanation and any questions you might want answered to the form on the Noob Advice page. This is a free service.

Interview Requests:

I have an interview template that I can send to anyone who is interested. I’ll throw in a couple of specifics depending on the band. My main focus for mass interviews is Australian bands for the Australian Heavypedia page. Bands of all sizes. Phone interviews for full features on the site are selective but I am also working on a podcast that would involve short skype calls from any band that wants to. A kind of metal talk show/comedy with a track played at the end. To stay up to date join the Noob Heavy newsletter for bands in the review submissions section above.

VIDEO PREMIER SUBMISSIONS: We are happy to do video premieres, we prefer to be the first to premier it (48 hour exclusivity) but we can also do premieres for labels and firms who want an Australian promoter for a global release as the site is based in Aus and has a strong Aus following. This is a free service.

Noob Heavy Australia (only) YT:

IF you are an Australian metal band who has an EP or LP release no matter how old that doesn’t have a YouTube full album upload, then I am more than happy to upload it to my new channel. Format is album with album art, simple. Everything I upload gets free promotion for it’s lifetime as I post the videos around a lot, like when people ask for recommendations or in FB groups, or even Reddit.


If you would like to hire Noob Heavy PR or make enquiries, please email My packages can be found here. Email me with what package you would like then I will ensure that your album is right for us and that we can help you. It’s harder to promote already released albums, please try to hire my services 4 weeks out for an EP and 6 – 10 weeks out for an LP. I can do emergency ones but the effectiveness of is difficult to predict. This is actual PR, I send your work to all the major and underground publications, influencers and repost your major updates across Noob Heavy socials. Host giveaways, arrange video premieres. It’s affordable and takes a lot of burden off of the band.

Join The Team:

Email with a review in the general format of Noob Heavy. Five or more paragraphs of a recent album. If we jive I’ll send you some promos to choose from. After a couple of articles and organised promotions, you’ll be integrated into the core team with group chat, access to the full promo list and are added to the team page. We get early promos from many labels like Transcending Obscurity, Unique Leader, Willowtip, Season Of Mist, Century Media, The Artisan Era and many more. Credit is given in the articles and social promotions so we can help you with your own platform in the process. Writers from other sites are welcome, I’m always happy to cross promote with fellow passionate music writers and you can definitely plug your band in your credits and get some support from being in the Noob Heavy community. We’re all pretty damn cool.


We get a lot of news press kits from major labels like album announcements, artwork reveals, new singles, new tours and all sorts. A lot of big bands from many genres. I don’t have the time to maintain to the news part of the site so if you would like to write up articles about the latest in metal news, I will be happy to publish it and spread the word. If you’re already doing something like this on social media like Twitter, then you may as well come on board and have your work presented on a well liked metal site with built in promotion for it’s team members. Plus you’ll have extra room to ramble on here, no word limit.

ALL OTHER ENQUIRIES SUCH AS SPONSORSHIPS, COMPLAINTS, SUGGESTIONS OR ADVERTISING (Selective, can embed bandcamp links and other things on site banner) EMAIL