To submit music for a review, send your EPK to:

The inbox is currently managed by Kep (he/him), with Melinda (she/her) checking in from time to time. Valid promos will be distributed to our team of writers, who are free to choose whichever releases they prefer to write about. If you’d like to send your music directly to a specific writer, use the email provided in their author profile on our About Us page, or you can include “ATTN:” with their name in the first line of your email.

Valid promos/EPKs include the following:
A full MP3 download or easily accessible full stream of the entire release
Clearly stated genre/sub-genre
Release date

We don’t do news/announcement posts, and we don’t cover singles, lyric videos, or music videos.
We focus on covering upcoming music, so send those EPKs with plenty of time prior to release date for the best shot at getting your music covered.

What we cover:

Each of our writers has their preferred subgenres, and as a result across the team we cover nearly all types of metal and metal-adjacent music.

We are a very trans- and queer-friendly site, and we try to make an effort to prioritize projects by members of that community. If you’re on Discord, we have a community server that you’re welcome to join; just ask for an invite!

We are leftists, and are an anarchist- and communist-friendly site as well, so we also make an effort to prioritize projects of that sort.

We won’t willingly cover anything fascist, bigoted, pro-police, or generally right wing. Projects like that can get fucked. They have the entire rest of the music industry to promote their trash. If you see anything like this on Noob Heavy, please reach and let us know, so that we can investigate and potentially remove coverage.

If you’re interested in joining our writing team, you can use the above email address to get in touch. We’ll ask for an example review or a column pitch. We’re happy to help you develop your writing skills, so don’t be afraid to reach out!