Album Review: Estuarine – “Nyarlathotep” 9/10 (Death Grind)

This album falls into the genre of death grind. And wow is it ever what it was advertised to be. I first thought “Nyarlathotep that’s a mouthful.” So, like the curious person that I am, I did a quick google search of the name of the album, which revealed the origin, Nyarlathotep resides in the hp lovecraft mythos. The epithet for Nyarlathotep being “the crawling chaos” I think it’s a poignant choice for this album title. There are 8 tracks on this beast of an album. The longest being the last at 3 mins. The overall length is 10 minutes. […]

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Album Review: Undergang – “Aldrig i livet” 9.4/10 (Death Metal)

Fun. A lot of fun. There’s something Undergang does in their writing that draws you into it with all of your enthusiasm. Some parts of this had me moving like the metal version of those goth kids dancing at the underpass or the wacky waving inflatable tube man. On the other hand, they managed a few times to descend into an utter dirge that will tickle your dark. It’s a varied album that comes off as an intelligent deconstruction of death metal rather than blind worship of it. They have a deep understanding of old death, doom and grind – far beyond my own. […]

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NAPALM DEATH announce new album “Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism”

Just a quick one before I go away for the weekend, as I know how many of you love Napalm Death. My relationship with them isn’t as tight as I’d like and this is another daily reminder that I need to take a deep dive into their work. I’ve heard a fair bit of their music and dig it, as well as the general message within, I just haven’t heard with much context or chronologically. Feel free to drop your favorite albums in the comments and I’ll start there. I recently saw Slave To The Grind, a grindcore doco that features them heavily, you can check that out here too. […]