Musicians Spotlight: Jason Higson from Yanomamo

Yanomamo formed in late 2011 via a shared love of huge, dirty riffs, feedback & B-grade horror movies to unleash the sounds in our collective heads. We have toured Australia extensively over the last 10 years playing shows with the likes of Conan (UK), Black Cobra (US), Jucifer (US), Kylesa (US), Monarch (Fra) & many others. […]


Album Review: Obvurt – “The Beginning” 8.2/10 (Brutal Death)

When thinking of genres that don’t really see much innovation, brutal death metal may be somewhere near the top of your list, and for good reason. I like brutal death metal, it’s a fine genre, but it’s not one that’s really adventurous. It’s gory, meat and potatoes, punishing death metal 99% of the time, which is fine, but it’s the bands that can think outside of that box that end up being memorable in the long run. […]


Album Review: Brand Of Sacrifice – “Lifeblood” 8/10 (Deathcore)

Whether you like deathcore or not, it’s pretty easy to see that the genre isn’t exactly in its heyday right now, and there’s a couple of reasons for that. Almost all of the biggest bands in the genre have either fallen from grace or faded from the limelight. That leaves fans looking for the next big thing, and unfortunately they aren’t really getting it, because young bands are really struggling with innovation. It is of my opinion that the band currently carrying the whole fucking scene on their back is Brand of Sacrifice, here’s why. […]