Death metal

Interview: Mother Of All (Progressive Death Metal, Denmark)

A couple of weeks ago, I covered the best new death metal album you haven’t heard yet, Age Of The Solipsist by Mother Of All, the Danish solo project’s first full length record. Age Of The Solipsist arrives to us officially on June 11th. The album is very eclectic as far as genres go, and the performances on the record are exceptional all around. The mastermind behind Mother Of All is Martin Haumann, today I’ll be bringing him on to dig deeper into the record! […]


Interview: Rodrigo “Shakal” Loreto, from MOFO (Thrash Metal)

Since I’ve rekindled my music adventures with my Aussie Death Thrash band, Aeons Abyss, I’ve loved connecting with the underground metal scene, especially in Brazil. This country, most famous for its Football, in my books should be just as famous for its Metal. I’m proud to say that I now have many great friends and unbelievable supporters of my own band coming from this country (although getting any merch sent there is a nightmare, due to import taxes). […]


Interview with Bismarck (Doom, Norway)

A promising stoner doom outfit from Bergen, Norway, Bismarck is a band that could garner many fans with their sophomore studio album, Oneiromancer, released earlier last year on April 17th. It was met with mostly positive reviews and together with their strong, positive presence across various social media, promoted the band further. I got the chance to know them via their Instagram page and could get the chance to sit them for an interview. Questions were answered by the whole band and here is what we discussed. […]


Interview: James McBain from Hellripper

Scottish one-man band Hellripper is absolutely tearing it up at the moment with The Affair of the Poisons, undoubtedly one of the coolest Metal releases of 2020. Steve, from Aeons Abyss, was very grateful that James McBain, the man who is Hellripper, took some from his hectic schedule to answer a few questions about the release. […]