Interview with Bismarck (Doom, Norway)

A promising stoner doom outfit from Bergen, Norway, Bismarck is a band that could garner many fans with their sophomore studio album, Oneiromancer, released earlier last year on April 17th. It was met with mostly positive reviews and together with their strong, positive presence across various social media, promoted the band further. I got the chance to know them via their Instagram page and could get the chance to sit them for an interview. Questions were answered by the whole band and here is what we discussed. […]


Interview: James McBain from Hellripper

Scottish one-man band Hellripper is absolutely tearing it up at the moment with The Affair of the Poisons, undoubtedly one of the coolest Metal releases of 2020. Steve, from Aeons Abyss, was very grateful that James McBain, the man who is Hellripper, took some from his hectic schedule to answer a few questions about the release. […]


Interview: Witnesses (Doom Metal, New York)

Witnesses is a doom metal solo project that recently dropped their new record Doom II, which you might remember me reviewing a little while back. The record really struck me, so I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to ask the man behind the music some questions! Make sure to check out Doom II if you’ve yet to! […]

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Interview: Aria Moghaddam of Dark Matter

Some time in January this year, the Iranian/international outfit Dark Matter released its debut album Nebula to Black Hole with a star-studded line-up consisting of names like Thomas Helm of Empyrium, Juuso Raatikainen of Swallow the Sun, Daniel Cavanagh of Anathema and Feb Regman of Antimatter among many others. Here is my interview with Aria Moghaddam, the mastermind behind this band. […]