Album Review: Screaming Banshee – “Pierceive” 7/10 (Prog Death)

Let’s talk about the differences between string quartets and symphony orchestras. Yes, this is an album review for a death metal band. Just hear me out for a paragraph. In the classical music world, symphonies are the expressive zenith for composers. Think of Beethoven’s monumental symphonies and the massive works of Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss. A wide range of instrumental colors and dynamics are available in the crafting of a symphony and one can make damn near any sound they want if they know what they’re doing. A string quartet on the other hand is but two violins, a viola, and a cello. A severely limited color palette compared to a symphony orchestra but ask any fan of Johannes Brahms and talk your ear off about how much music you can fit in a string quartet. Where a symphony is bombastic and emotionally over-the-top, a string quartet is often esoteric and rewards close listening to discover the music’s secrets.  […]

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The Z-List Vol 1: Gabe Is A Unit, Winterleaf, no sky can blind us & MoonBurial

Hello to all the wonderful, underground theydies and djentlethems! Today I’m bringing you the first installment of The Z-List, a column dedicated to bringing some much deserved attention to the underground of underground music and celebrating the people that make up our small community. We’re after the smallest, most obscure bands and projects that lack institutional support. No label? That’s Z-List. One person band? Z-List. Mainstream music journalists say liking this band is elitist?? Oh baby, that’s the most Z-List of all! Our first entry in the Z-List column features some one and two person projects of diverse genres as well as the swan song of an Ohio band. Let’s dive in! […]