Noob Heavy was started officially in March of 2019 by Carcassbomb as a blog to post reviews as writing exercise for university. Naturally over a surprisingly short time this transitioned into many projects and forms of promotion, eventually putting together a very interesting team from around the world.

The core belief of the site has always been focused on the appreciation and crediting of album art as well as obtaining the perspectives of the artists through interview, both visual and audio artists. This social focus has made Noob Heavy a place for indie and underground bands to find free promotion in a welcoming part of the metal community. We get a large amount of promos but we listen to them all and if I am able and like it, we will post about it – unfortunately we can only write so many pieces in any given promotional period.

While I do provide PR services to independent bands, this does not mean promotion via Noob Heavy opinion pieces can be purchased. Every bit of promotion on Noob Heavy is my own or my teams writing and not influenced by money. Just send us the promo packs. PR is a different service that takes place in Gmail and various other inboxes, to get you coverage on sites just like mine.

So yeah, essentially a socialist metal site. And a socialist metal PR firm (specialising in being affordable to solo and duo projects)

The next big step is a Noob Heavy Compilation CD and Cassette