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Please ensure you provide as many details as possible and a way to download MP3s. Black Metal accepted through PR only.
Cheap PR for metal bands of all means and sizes. Not just lazy email lists, I will represent you as Noob Heavy.

Noob Heavy was started officially in March of 2019 by Carcassbomb as a blog to post reviews as writing exercise for university. Over a surprisingly short time this transitioned into many projects and forms of promotion, eventually putting together an interesting team from around the world united by a passion for heavy music. Prior to March there was no social media presence, this was a text only blog and all my reviews were put on The Metal Archives.

In March I joined Instagram and branded myself Noob Heavy with my own logo, through community engagement this grew further than I could ever have imagined and it to connected me directly to the artists I was writing about. It also connected me to like minded writers which then formed the Noob Heavy team. The team is a passionate bunch of leftist with a love for underground metal.

The initial focus of the project was to promote underground music from around the world with a strong emphasis on album art and rightfully crediting the visual artists who make metal what it is these days online. This turned into multiple projects with various but similar goals. I began interviewing bands to get their perspectives on the world. I started the Australian Heavypedia dedicated to my curation of the Australian metal underground. I started a cassette collection and focus heavily on cassette culture through my project Esoteric Tapes. News articles, premiers… more than I can actually remember off the top of my head.

Most recently in 2020 we have gotten firmly into activism with many projects underway to bring awareness to issues online and offline through attending protests and similar events. The focus of this activism is focused on Australian leadership change, climate justice, media manipulation/monopolies and the dangers of a post-capitalist society.

Noob Heavy is now an official Australia Business, ABN: 29513175919

This is because Noob Heavy is now also a PR firm that offers affordable prices for bands who typically cannot afford it, like solo and duo projects. This is a seperate venture from the coverage on Noob Heavy like reviews, news and interviews which will always be free coverage. We will never ask a band to pay for a review, we write about what we want. Hiring PR is a very different profession that my experience and network from building Noob Heavy has assisted me in doing.

The future of Noob Heavy is endless and vast with many projects and new contributors coming. If you would like to join the team in some capacity you are welcome to reach out and ask.