A quick note to make some of Noob Heavy’s practices clear. While not all contributors identify as politically left or politically anything, Noob Heavy is against bigotry and human rights violations.

Carcassbomb (me), has the final say on what gets promoted on Noob Heavy but in no way tells the writers what to and what not to listen to in their lives nor expects them to be completely aware of all shithead bands or the signs. I only refuse publication of outright Nationalist Socialist bands and labels.


Editor/PR/Writer/Web design

Brisbane, Australia.

On and off reviewer, consistent promoter. If you want a review then definitely hit up my team, they review more than I do. I run a lot of other things like heavy news, interviews, Noob Heavy Radio and all the socials. I’m an antisocial in the sense that I don’t care or respect the marketing game and don’t tailor my opinions in order to prioritise success. I read but don’t respond to most emails, i’ll let you know if I’ve written something about you. Currently busy studying at university.

I also contribute articles over at toiletovhell.com.

You can read all of my reviews here

For business or pitching enquiries ONLY: jarlinspace3@gmail.com. All promos go through the submission page email first.

Zach Reeder


Florida, USA

My name is Zach. I have a very diverse music taste, even outside of metal. There are very few metal subgenres I don’t thoroughly love. Some favorite metal albums of mine this year have been Forgotten Paths by SaorThe 13th Beast by Malevolent Creation, and Demiurgon by Equipoise. I can’t play a lick of music, but I love promoting it and introducing others to artists I think deserve more attention, whether that be through my short and sweet reviews on the Zax Record Reviews socials, or the longer reviews here at Noob Heavy.

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Tehran, Iran.

I am an English teacher by profession and it has given me the propitious opportunity to acquaint myself with various topics and fields of study, only to make me firmly believe that I truly know nothing about anything. Music to me is the main hobby, alongside other forms of entertainment such as cinema, anime, series, and games, particularly board games (oh I LOVE this one). To be honest, I am thinking about pursuing a career in music or entertainment in general in the future.

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Writer of Metal Redux section
Instagram / Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter / Spotify

I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I’ve been a metalhead since the late 80s.

In the early 90s I started a metal band called Cataclysm, which was the perfect outlet for my brothers and my mates to write and play music locally. The band eventually disbanded in the mid 90s.

In 2017 I reincarnated my musical endeavours and started a new studio project; Death Metal band Aeons Abyss. Our first aim was to record and release all our 90s music, and we achieved this in 2019.

I really love the current underground metal scene, and the ability to connect with other metalheads via social media.

To that end, I often post about all things metal on my band’s Instagram account, and have started a series on Noob Heavy called Metal Redux, which is all about putting forward historic metal gems that are there to be rediscovered, especially for those new to the scene.


Review writer

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Yo! What’s up, longtime metal fan from the USA. Got hooked on the stuff back in middle school when my mom took me to see Iron Maiden in 2006 and haven’t look back since. My taste tends to jump all over the shop, both under the metal umbrella and elsewhere. I used to be the Metal Director at my college radio station and currently also play and write music in my band Svn.Seeker, I also contribute reviews and interviews to Alternative Control. I’m a big video game fan and part-time collector, PS2 and Dreamcast are my 2 favorite systems by far. The backlog is seemingly never-ending but maybe one day I’ll get around to playing them all.




My content is mainly focused on reviews and plenty of recommendations of what I’m listening too. I’m an avid fan of black metal and all types of dark, weird music. But I listen to a little bit of most genres. 

I’ve been a massive music fan for most of my life and decided I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions with other music fans. So I decided to start an IG page in December of 2018 and that’s how I got started. Since then, I’ve just been having fun writing about whatever music I find exciting.

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Noob Heavy was started in April of 2019 by Carcassbomb. Over a surprisingly short time this transitioned into many projects and forms of underground promotion, eventually putting together a team from around the world united by a passion for writing about heavy music of all genres. That’s right, even core.