Album Review: Zetra – From Without (Goth Rock)

Written by Zax

  • ZetraFrom Without
  • Shoegaze/Goth Rock from London
  • Released on January 21st, 2022

This is definitely the furthest thing from metal I’ve ever reviewed on Noob Heavy, but this site’s jurisdiction isn’t really ironclad or anything, so let’s talk about something neat!

Zetra are a London based group that make a mixture of shoegaze and goth rock. Their new EP is absolutely breathtaking, though I will admit to being a bit out of my comfort zone. All I know about shoegaze, I know from it’s fusions with other genres, and I’m completely in the dark as far as goth rock goes, so bare with me here.

The atmosphere on this project is truly immaculate. It’s filled with these dense, foggy shoegaze synths that are simultaneously lush and dreary. The mix is deeply layered and nearly cavernous. There’s also some very mysterious, melancholic melodies to be found. It’s a wonderful vibe for a rainy day.

This album isn’t without its edge though, make no mistake. The riffs are actually very nice. The guitar tone is raw, and there’s some catchy licks here. The vocals are on the higher side, and they’re pretty echoed out against the wave of sound coming from the synths and guitars.

They certainly have a unique sound going, I really dig what they’ve done here, and I hope to find more stuff like it throughout the year! If you’re in the mood for some unbeatable atmospherics, look no further.