Interview: EnforcE from Perth, Australia (Thrash Metal)

The metal just keeps coming from the west (that is West Australia). Earlier this year Perth Metal outfit, EnforcE, released their 4th full length album, Deep Blue. Here is what the lads are saying about their album.

Introduce yourself, who is in your band, and when did you first start?

Hi there, I’m Paul, Lead Guitarist and Guy Bell, Vocals/Guitar for Western Australian Thrash metal band EnforcE and we will be giving you an insight of the band.  Daymz on drums joined in 2017, Paul and Shaun on Bass in 2018 and with the only original member left started in 1996 on vox/guitar referred to in the local scene as the Grandpa of Thrash!

How did you come up with the name EnforcE and does it have any specific meaning for your band?

Back in 1997 we looked at having Enforced which was suggested by Dave Dow, (Bass player) at the time as his preferred name Martyr was already taken. Doing our research, (before internet) we found Enforcer and Enforced and decided on just the simple EnforcE and using the concept of the “E” at both ends of the name for our logo.

Your album “Deep Blue” was released at the start of July 2021.  What are 3 things we need to know about this release?

3 things … Its real, it’s honest, and it’s been made with love and devotion to Metal. This is a good album with 9 tracks that actually caters to a non and metal audience. The production is clear that you can hear all instruments playing their parts in the song dynamics. Most important thing for our listeners that it is heavy as!!!! For fans who love their \M/etal music and especially Thrash.

The recording and mix is really solid for your style of groove laden Death Metal.  How involved were the band in creating the album tones, and who did you work with to record, mix and master the release?

All tracks recorded at Bergerk mobile studios, mixed, mastered by Engineer/Producer Alan ‘DrAlien’ Smith and EnforcE October 2020 – January 2021. The tones were raw man! They were, and are the tones we rehearsed and play live with … straight in, straight out! This album was recorded as close to live as we could get it. The recording and the mixing and the everything else were the result of the genius Al, from Bergerk Studios. It took 6 weekends and travelled up and down to Daymz ‘s house and setup some mobile gear and we got stuck into it, we also recorded “Metal United”. Check out the room were all the magic happened and the track on YouTube.

What is your favourite track and why?

Our favourite track would have to be the title track, “Deep Blue”, Because of Paul’s lead work in it, it’s the solo in it! Hahaha, it gives him a fat head, he is so happy with its phrasing and the narrative of it.

Your album artwork is intriguing.  Who did the artwork and what is the story behind the image?

Our intention was to use a local artist as we have done in all our past releases. We found one who directed us to a site which he was apart off which you join and view his art and buy through that platform. That platform is, unfortunately for that artist it opens us up too thousands of other art choices. With EnforcE we make the title track the 5th track on every album and since we decided “Deep Blue” was the track it was so accidental it had to be. For curiosity we typed in the title in the search engine on the site and there behold it was staring at us. Genesis Raz von Edler / Elysium had artwork for sale with our title track already, so we purchased and asked for permission, slapped on the logo to suite and there you go… true story…

What other bands would potential listeners of your music enjoy?

In the state of Western Australia, we have a history of good bands who are similar 2 us!! Vanadium B.C., As Light Decays, Remission, Secular, Death Dependant, Dethlehem, Plague, Psychonaut, Coldfate, 9 Foot Super Soldier, Vulgarite, Tempest Rising, 6 empty Bottles, Insanatorium. So, you can say we have healthy competition over here in the West that doesn’t include the rest of the country which I’ll name one from each state Lol!!! – Hidden Intent (SA), Harlott (VIC), Kill Razor (NSW), Idle Ruin (QLD), Tasmania? Haven’t found one yet but I hear South East Desert Metal (NT) are alright.

You have supported some big-name bands. Can you talk about these experiences and do you have any cool stories from these shows?

What’s that old saying that’s going around in the light of touring? “What Happens on Tour – Stays on Tour” Lol!!! Now that wouldn’t be any fun now hey? Anyway LOL!!!!

EnforcE are small fish, probably bait more like it compared to the big acts like Kreator, Behemoth, Cryptopsy, Obituary, Destroyer 666, Death Angel, Kataklysm, Deranged, Burger Kill, Down For Life, Pungent Stench … but one experience comes to light is when we did “Rock in Solo” in 2011 and Death Angel drummer Will Carroll who admits he loves hamburgers and beer!!!! Was politely asking and raiding everyone’s beer fridges as he obviously didn’t have enough since they came in 330ml cans, nice dude and off course great Thrash Band… 

Tell us one unusual fact or funny story about your band

FACT – the age scope of members at the moments starts at 21yrs – 50yrs and that’s a huge age gap. The FUNNY thing with that is that our first full release campfire night 2000 is older than the youngest member lol! In saying all this the youngest members have a lot of control in its music direction as that’s the way of \M/etal!!!

What have you got coming up in the next 6 -12 months?

Gigs, more Gigs x 100, more interviews x 1000, more radio airplay and working with our P.R. guy at Metal Roos (Black Roos)!!! To pump this album without making us broke in the process and pocketing 50 cents.

Last question – Is it better or worse to be in a different time zone to the Eastern side of Australia (and why?)

LOL!!!, not at all we actually prefer ”No” day light saving over in the west and if the shit hits the fan in the East, we got approximately 2 hrs head start to run for cover or dig a trench. We live in a lucky country and especially in the West and we are very grateful to the first land owners that we can share it with them… Stay Thrash… Stay \M/etal!!!

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