Metal Redux: Gorefest – False (1992) (Death Metal)

  • The Band – Gorefest (1989-1998, 2004-2009)
  • The Album – False
  • Country of Origin – Netherlands
  • The Year – 1992
  • Lineup – Jan-Chris de Koeijer (Vocals, Bass Guitar), Frank Harthoorn (Guitar), Boudewijn Bonebakker (Guitar), Ed Warby (Drums)
  • Genre – Death Metal
  • Metallum Average – 6 Reviews at 80%

Other notable releases from 1992 for context – The IV Crusade by Bolt Thrower, Utopia Banished by Napalm Death, Renewal by KreatorDiabolical Fullmoon Mysticism by Immortal

When talking about Dutch Death Metal, most people will rightly cite Pestilence, Asphyx and Sinister as their go-to legacy bands (and the likes of Graceless as the newer generation).  But for those of us who were kicking around in the early 90s, there was another Dutch master in the mix; Gorefest.

Lyrics from Reality – When You Die

And then you die
Part of a generation
Whose minds are all polluted
By the habit of consumption
No need to get a life
Everything’s been taken care of
Your back bone is attached to strings
In the puppetplay you’re part of

No it wasn’t real life
It never came close in a way
It’s a shame you found out too late
Reality is when you die

The album before False, their 1991 debut release Mindloss, was recognised as a great Death Metal album, but mostly for its gore / horror song names and lyrics.  Tracks such as Putrid Stench of Human Remains and Horror in a Retarded Mind, with tongue in cheek lyrical content like “Sluts masturbating with bones of the deceased” and “Deformed dwarfs are juggling with separated heads” were a lot of fun, but also limiting when it came to the band being considered as serious musicians.

When False was released in the latter half of 1992, straight out the box, there was a noticeable difference in musical maturity on this album.  The songs were well structured with a great mix of grooves, laden with heaviness and some well placed speed. The production was fresh with its own sound, and the album was as good as anything going around at the time. Lyrically the band had done a complete 180°, and covered serious topics with social commentary on mass-media, religion, war, politicians, anti-establishment and the environment.  

In interviews when discussing the difference between Mindloss and False, the band has talked about how the introduction of a new drummer and guitarist was the catalyst to a songwriting creative spurge.  The tracks came together relatively quickly, and the process of writing good music no doubt led to the desire to create more sophisticated lyrical content.  It was said that the skill of the drummer, Ed Warby, was the main reason that the band had a more professional sound, and to match his talent, all the other band members had to lift their game, which challenged them whilst in the studio.

Lyrics from the Mass Insanity

The killing of our environment
Means the end of our existence
You had your fun, your game to play
So it’s only you who is to blame
It’s only you who is to blame

The downfall of humanity
Is caused by mass insanity
Neglecting of self consciousness
Leads to self-destruction

In the early 90s, this band was well and truly in the mix.  They were on a major label (Nuclear Blast), most Death Metal fans were across their music, and the guys were sharing the stage on various tours with the likes of Death and Carcass.

False is a heavy album and I really like Jan-Chris de Koeijer’s vocals and how they sit within the groove of the music.  His voice is undeniably Death Metal, but given the importance of the lyrical content he allows for his words to be relatively well understood, and to that end the story for each track matches well with the music, and plays out nicely as the songs unfold.  

The Last Word – The band members have often noted that False is the most important album for Gorefest.  With its own sonic footprint, well crafted melodic heavy grooves, cool time-changes, and heavy as fuck vocal that have a relevant narrative, this album is worthy to be included in any list of the best Death Metal Albums of the 90s.

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