Metal Vault Collection No 2 – Dylan Clark Arkansas, USA

Introduce yourself and how you first got into Metal

I’m Dylan Clark from central Arkansas (Ark-an-saw), USA. I am a younger guy, as far as collectors go. I was born in ’92 so my first memory of collecting was begging my mom for AC/DC Back in Black, and Metallica Black album at a very young age. So maybe like 1998? I still have those cds hahahaha. My parents got me into metal. My earliest memories have Van Halen, Motley Crue, Great white, Ozzy, etc playing in the background.

Tell Noob Heavy about your collection

As far as numbers go, I have no idea. I have around 500 tapes, but I only know that because my daughter asked me to count them the other day. I mainly stick to Vinyl, cassette, cds, shirts, and one denim vest. My awesome wife actually let me keep all my stuff in the den of our home… so basically I have a whole living room full!! As far as a value goes, I have no earthly idea. It would take a bazillion dollars for me to part with it as a whole.

What was your trigger to start collecting?

Besides the AC/DC and Metallica cds, my mom gave me her uncle’s copy of Alice Cooper – Love it to Death around 11 years old. That’s the exact one in the photo. By the the time I was 13 we were digging through every flea market around. When I was that age, the internet craze wasn’t in full swing and if you wanted new music, you had to read magazines and buy physical media. There was an older kid who was a total jerk, but he had cds I didn’t have, so I would deal with his crap to get burnt copies from him hahahaha plus my friend Logan, his step dad had this massive collection of rock n roll vinyl. That was a really big turning point, seeing all that stuff.

How do you manage your collection? 

Meticulously hahaha I’m picky as hell. As far as CDs go, they’re organized by genre, alphabetically and chronologically according to release dates. Tapes are hung on the wall in napa/case logic racks, alphabetically. Records are in book shelves by genre. Everything from BB King to Beherit. I don’t trade much original stuff. I prefer dubbing tapes and trading for other dubs. I live in a rural area and there isn’t a lot of option as far as in-store purchase but I make the best of it. I do have contact with others around the country/world I buy from. Very little eBay or discog purchases. I do catch as many Bandcamp fee free Fridays as possible though!

What is your most valued item, and does it have a story?

My signed Acid Bath stuff. Sammy Duet went and found a sharpie to sign the cd and when I pulled out the tape he said “whoa, where the f*** did you get this” hahahaha. All because of my Exhorder tshirt.

Which item in your collection has your favourite artwork?

That’s a tough one!  Maybe Thin Lizzy – Johnny the fox? Something about that one has always caught my eye. Or Deicide-once upon the cross… simply because the area I live in/grew up in is very, very dominated by Christianity. I remember as a teenager thinking “I bet this’ll really stir up the sh*t” hahahahah

What item has the craziest backstory and how did it come to be in your possession? 

A 1966 Beatles – yesterday and today butcher peel mono record. A friend found it in a dumpster They go for around $900 on eBay, in the condition of mine.

What is your Holy Grail? 

The original Acid Bath demos. If someone out there reads this and has one they’re willing to sell, I can have them verified as authentic.
Email me cash ready hahahahha

Why do you think itโ€™s important to collect physical media and metal merch?

It connects you to the music, the art and the artist. Streaming services are cool in their own way, and can be very handy but there’s nothing like holding a physical copy while you soak in the sound. Plus it’s how these artist make their living. I love music and it’s so difficult nowadays to make a good living at. Who doesn’t want their favorite band to thrive and fire on all cylinders?

How can people follow you on Social Media, and see your collection?

Instagram @more_realcopies_lessmp3

Tell us a little about your band CZARUS, and where people can check out your tunes?

Well, Alex, Ian, and I are a stoner, sludge, punk, rock n roll band. We are all childhood friends who all dig the same stuff. Influence are really all over the place. Funk, jazz fusion, death metal, thrash, hardcore punk… it gets weird sometimes! We have 2 new eps coming out this year! 

Instagram @czarustheband
CZARUS on Bandcamp

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