Album Review: Embodiment – “Palingenesis” 7.8/10 (Prog Death)

Written by Zax

  • Embodiment
  • Palingenesis
  • Progressive Death Metal
  • United Kingdom
  • April 27th, 2020
  • 7.8/10

Going into my promo for these guys, I saw they’d played some pretty massive opening spots for bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Cattle Decapitation, and Suffocation. It’s clear to see why they’ve gotten those opportunities, because this band has some serious potential. Embodiment drop their sophomore record on Palingenesis on April 24th and I’m here to tell you this record absolutely wrecks.

They blend technicality with brutal death metal so seamlessly, it’s amazing. If I could think of one band they remind me of, maybe Pathology? The production and mixing on here is fantastic, every element shines through perfectly.

At the band’s core is a solid grasp on melody, atmosphere, and interesting song structures, but there are some more primitive moments on the record where those riffs bludgeon the listener, along with the thudding bass lines. There’s some meticulous lead work on here that brings to mind the most recent era of hyper technical death metal, but there are also parts where they let loose and let the lead work fly off the rails, which makes for some ridiculous solos.

Embodiment: Bandcamp / Spotify / Facebook

The album is pretty short at under 35 minutes, but it wastes no time at all. It’s packed full of energy and intensity from the jump. It slows down for an interlude here and there, and they’re actually very effective in building up some significant atmosphere for the record.

Top all of this off with an incredibly impressive vocal performance and we have a very solid death metal record. This is one of those albums I think every metal fan will derive enjoyment from one way or another. Mark those calendars for April 24th folks!


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