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Join The Kvlt: Leftist Black Metal to Sink Your Teeth Into Vol 1

Written by Espi Kvlt One of the very first questions I am asked when people find out I’m a queer anarchist-communist in the black metal scene is the names of queer and leftist black metal bands they can safely enjoy. Unfortunately, one of the sad truths about being a black metal fan is that no band is 100% safe. Even the most leftist bands I’ve loved have been outed as having abusers in them. However, I have compiled two lists of bands that one can safely enjoy and support, always keeping in mind to be vigilant no matter how much [...]

New 2021 Albums


Album Review: Scatter Shot – “As Above So Below” 7.9/10 (Hardcore)

In case you weren’t aware, I am the website’s resident Florida man. We have a giant beatdown hardcore/metalcore scene here that I believe may be the cream of the crop for the new wave of the genre. We have bands like Traitors and Bodysnatcher carrying the torch with a plethora of promising up and coming bands in the scene, like Broadmoor, Dealey Plaza, and Scatter Shot. […]


Album Review: Dreamwell – “Modern Grotesque” 8.5/10 (Post Hardcore)

It seems that screamo, or ‘skramz’, has been in a really good place over the past few years. The list of bands who’ve put out great records that broadly sit within that world is pretty endless at this point, with recent standouts including Frail Body, For Your Health and Frail Hands, to name a few. Seeking to add their name to this list with their second full-length, entitled Modern Grotesque, are the Providence-based ‘emo post skramz’ five-piece, Dreamwell. Off the strength of this record, it feels like they belong there. Modern Grotesque is an album that’s thick with a heartfelt emotion and passion. Often, this manifests as something quite visceral and abrasive, but it can also be extremely melodic and even moving at points. […]


Album Review: Bonecarver – “Evil” 7/10 (Death Metal)

Here’s a question for you, and I think I might have a decent idea of the answer: do you like your metal as heavy as literally all fucking hell? Sure, sometimes you need bands like Eneferens or svrm or Spirit Adrift, whose takes on metal could be reasonably described as beautiful, or even moving. But do you also crave some thick, chuggy brutality? Do you want vocals that roar and squeal, and breakdowns that could level entire city blocks? If you do, it’s time to get excited for the newest slamtastic release from Unique Leader, Bonecarver’s Evil. […]


Album Review: Orecus – “The Obliterationist” 8.5/10 (Death Metal)

How do you take your death metal? Black like coffee? Rotten to the ‘core like an apple for a trash panda? Or maybe you want it drowned in cavernous reverb? Death metal comes in as many varieties as Starbucks repackages of sugar and caffeine in water. Today I’ll be exploring a more modern style of death metal through the lens of Orecus and their new record, The Obliterationist. […]


Album Review: Crawl Below – “9 Mile Square” 8/10 (Doomgaze)

It definitely takes a special skill to make music which manages to feel beautiful while maintaining a strong sense of melancholy. Perhaps one of the most obvious examples is The Cure, whose dark and mournful brand of post-punk is often deeply moving at the same time. In the 90s, Type O Negative took that doom and gloom to even further extremes, whilst still allowing soaring and ethereal melodies to poke through. To give a more a recent example, even Pallbearer’s stellar Forgotten Days LP from last year had some genuinely uplifting moments amid the band’s weighty doom and their lyrical meditations on grief. If you like any of those bands, then chances are you’ll enjoy Crawl Below’s 9 Mile Square. […]


Album Review: For Your Health – “In Spite Of” 9/10 (Post Hardcore)

There’s been a fair bit of buzz around For Your Health since their inception in 2018. A large part of this is no doubt down to their impressive work ethic. In 2019, they played some 100 shows, releasing an impressive split with Shin Guard and an EP in the same year. Last year they had even more shows planned (apparently at least 160) but these were sadly cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, hard work is all well and good, but will only get a band so far if the music isn’t there to back it up. Fortunately, the quartet’s debut full-length In Spite Of, like their shorter records before it, definitely delivers on that front. […]

Reviews Presented Randomly

2020 Albums

Album Review: Aseitas – “False Peace” 8.1/10 (Prog Death)

After a couple of listens, I still couldn’t tell you everything that’s going on on this record. At an hour and eleven minutes long, this is the sort of beast that seems almost untouchable, but I’ll take a crack at it! Aseitas are a progressive death metal band based out of the United States, and this is their 2nd full length record. I mean progressive with a capital P too, this album is unlike anything I’ve ever heard purely based on how many different things they’ve put to use here. […]

Black Metal

Album Review: Ferus Din – The Great Dying 9 (Black Metal)

Ferus Din embody the destructive force of nature among other things in their debut album The Great Dying. This album hits like a fist in the face from the very first second and leaves one with a feeling of prolonged eagerness, typically as the music unfolds. The band’s name comes from a combination of Latin and Germanic translations and refers to “Wild Noise”. Completely unawares of the genre clashes in this release, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the band’s musical talent, particularly composition arrangement and the combining of different instruments and sounds. […]

2020 Albums

Album Review: Krosis – A Memoir of Free Will 8 (Deathcore)

Hey guys, I’m back from my short break from Noob Heavy, and I’m coming back with a bang, and by a bang, I of course mean the new Krosis record! Krosis is a technical deathcore band that formed in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2014. On February 7th they are releasing their brand new record A Memoir Of Free Will on Unique Leader Records. As someone who had the privilege of hearing the record early, trust me when I say this isn’t one you’re going to want to miss. […]

2019 Albums

Album Review: Bull Elephant – Self-Titled 8 (Prog/Doom)

There isn’t much information as to the identity or location of Bull Elephant, as they choose to stay anonymous. Their debut record is a concept album, and despite having listened to this record several times I still couldn’t tell you what’s going on in my own words, but their Facebook bio sums it up pretty well, “Bull Elephant is the story of a slain African elephant that occultist Ahnenerbe SS attempted to bring back from the dead as a new form of battle asset. However, before re-animation could be completed it was intercepted by a mysterious witch-shaman, pursuing her own agenda and redirecting the undead creature’s purpose.” […]

2019 Albums

Album Review: Blood Incantation – Hidden History Of The Human Race 9.5 (Death Metal)

The hype is insane on this one, so I’m excited for everyone else as I listen to Blood Incantation’s new album Hidden History of the Human Race for a pre-release review. The moment I pressed play the silence was broken so abruptly that it legitimately frightened me, so early signs are promising. I also have a fondness for bands that use long and mysterious titles and track names which Blood Incantation understand and deliver on. Cosmetically The Hidden History Of The Human Race is top notch. […]


Album Review: Fractal Generator – “Macrocosmos” 7.5/10 (Tech Death)

I know that opening sample orb-like sound, for sure. It’s either from an Elder Scrolls game or STALKER game, or maybe I’m plain wrong but what is supposed to be THE fractal generator is definitely a sound I’m familiar with. Or maybe this band really does make music about software for fractal pattern processing. Whatever it’s about, one thing is certain, this is a very cinematic technical death metal album that stays on the heavier side of the genre while also offering some mind washing sounds. […]

2019 Albums

Album Review: Tool – Fear Inoculum 8.5 (Prog)

This is no doubt a divisive release and there’s a lot of context to consider such as a subversive band history. I’ve always considered Tool to be reliable, I don’t think they’ve ever released a bad album but I can definitely see how their fanbase tainted their image in the social media age. Like many frontmen in the history of music, Maynard has had plenty of cringey moments that get stuck in the spotlight. On a purely musical level, the decades of experience and their connection to the music is still apparent and at the bare minimum is a stellar performance. The question is, whether or not you will care about it I guess. […]

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