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Microdose: Psychotic Waltz, Vandan Plas, Vulkan & Haken

It took more than two decades (24 years to be precise) for these American proggers to get back and release their fifth studio album! Many things have changed since then and so has the whole prog scene but what Psychotic Waltz offers is relatable to modern prog listeners as well as the older fans of the band. The God-Shaped Void is an album that only bands of high caliber and great mastery can create. The music so resembles the common sound of past years in the genre with a more modern approach and quality, but that is what I like much more to this “modern prog” sound which has garnered many fans. The guitar solos, and hefty riffs as well, team up with Devon Graves’ vocals to make the band’s ultimate mix. It’s very interesting that the longest track Sisters of the Dawn is in fact my highlight. It is an epic narrative with all aspects of music in their finest place. It will probably be my choice of prog this year. […]

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Interview with Bismarck (Doom, Norway)

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A promising stoner doom outfit from Bergen, Norway, Bismarck is a band that could garner many fans with their sophomore studio album, Oneiromancer, released earlier last year on April 17th. It was met with mostly positive reviews and together with their strong, positive presence across various social media, promoted the band further. I got the chance to know them via their Instagram page and could get the chance to sit them for an interview. Questions were answered by the whole band and here is what we discussed. […]

Death Metal


Album Review: Dead Exaltation – Despondent 8.5/10 (Death Metal)

A death metal album with an unexpected amount of melody, it doesn’t even present as melodeath, it’s far closer to straight slapping brutal death metal that occasionally shifts the tempo down into a straight up clean guitar serenade as if I somehow accidentally listened outside the album or the musicians forgot the set list. It should be a harsh comparison to then start up the death machine again but it just works so well, perhaps due to the tight guitar tones. […]

Black Metal

2020 Albums

Album Review: Black Void Cult – Dysphoria 8.2 (Black Metal)

This is the second black metal album I’ve covered in a row on this site this month, in case you were wondering what the winter does to me. Ironically enough, it hardly even gets cold here in Florida, but I digress. This is far different from last week’s pick though, it’s something much less primitive and much more epic and symphonic! […]

Doom Metal

2020 Albums

Album Review: Draconian – Under a Godless Veil 9.5 (Doom Metal)

This year has been a flourishing year for doom metal as several of the Doom giants have released their masterpieces, among whom we can name My Dying Bride’s The Ghost of Orion, Paradise Lost’s Obsidian and Pallbearer’s Forgotten Days. But above all, I had been looking forward to listening to Draconian. They have always been an inimitable band to me and their signature gothic doom death metal sound has enthralled me ever since I discovered them more than a decade ago with their album Turning Season Within (2008), where I listened to “When I Wake” until my ears, as well as my heart, started to bleed. Album after album, they have stamped themselves upon the massive corpus of Doom Metal. […]

2020 Albums

Album Review: Fumarole – Valley Of Ten Thousand Smokes 9 (Stoner Doom)

Brisbane’s Fumarole have been around since 2018. They dropped the “Mountain” EP in 2018 and have released 3 singles leading up to the ambitious concept album “ Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes”. The album was recorded and mixed by Scott French of Lovestreet Studios, Gold Coast. Mastered by Haldor Grunberg of Satanic Audio in Poland, this is a great sounding album that excellently captures the live prowess of the band and is dripping in classic stoner goodness. Got a light? […]

2020 Albums

Album Review: Harbinger Of Storms – Talos EP 7 (Doom/Gothic)

Harbinger of Storms is the work of one-man bedroom producer Shane Edward Semler. “Talos” is the companion to his last EP release, “Jupiter”. Everything about this EP has a mythical quality to it. Always having a strong interest in mythology myself, I was sucked in by the cover art. A huge winged automaton towers over a scene of fleeing livestock and peasants. Guarding them? Or poised to wreak havoc? Defined as Epic Doom Metal, I’m hoping for havoc and impending doom. […]