• Here’s a list of Bandcamp albums that are Name Your Own Price (free). It’s encouraged to support the bands if possible but I know it’s not possible for all of us. If you want one added comment below and I’ll check it out. If you encounter any that are no longer free then comment below! If you every see nazi shit posted here or anywhere on Noob Heavy, I didn’t know and you can email me at noobheavyau@gmail.com to remove that trash. The 2020 Free Band Camp Wiki is still up and will stay up. […]

  • These are visual artists who sell band merch designs on IG or are open for commission. They vary in price and style but there should be something for every level of band here. All Links go to Instagram or their official website or their FB (If no IG) (clicking photos works) If they put contact links in their bio then go there rather than DM. Try to have realistic expectations including budget. If you want to be included just email me with an example work to noobheavyau@gmail.com […]

Join The Kvlt by Espi Kvlt

  • Written by Kep Auriferous Flame – The Great Mist Within> Black metal> Greece> Releasing August 26> True Cult Records There are certain artists that have proven themselves worthy of the implicit and unquestioning trust of their fans. No bad projects, no dud tracks, no internet temper tantrums, no bullshit; just good music at every turn. Ayloss, the man behind Spectral Lore, Mystras, Divine Element, and newer outfits like Clarent Blade and Fortress of the Pearl, is one of those artists.  That’s why I knew that The Great Mist Within, the debut full-length from his new black metal project Auriferous Flame, was going to be good. The man has an ear for soundscapes that’s all but unmatched, building [...]
  • Written by Barlovv > Non Serviam – We Are Nothing But Your Krill> Electronihilisme> Released August 5th, 2022> Bandcamp Link Drink the chalice, All of us, We are nothing, But your krill. I’ve never found genre to be a particularly useful method of categorization. While it can be helpful in narrowing things down, I feel like its purpose isn’t really to categorize, but rather to impose limitations. Something doesn’t meet the base tenets of a genre, and so it is excluded. Leading to more and more splintered subgenres and offshoots that it becomes impossible to navigate and we all isolate ourselves into silos at war with [...]

New 2022 Albums

Australian Metal

Carcassbomb's Reviews

Australian Heavypedia: Interview with Shatter Brain (Death/Thrash)

Shatter Brain just put out their debut LP Pitchfork Justice after having a split and demo to their name since their formation in 2017. This new album marks a rise for the band in the underground Australian metal scene with an overall well rounded product. It certainly helps that they host a couple of their states largest metal festivals. […]

Progressive metal band Ironstone
Prog Metal

Australian progmetal band IRONSTONE release debut EP Prophecy on May 29th

Let me give you a first impression of IRONSTONE, a young progressive metal band from Bendigo, Australia. Influenced by a range of genres, their music is heavy and percussive, with atmospheric layers and catchy choruses. It features the duality of clean and distorted vocals, djent driven riffs and breakdowns, what makes the result contemporary, melodic and hard hitting. […]

2020 Albums

Album Review: Lucifungus – Derek 6 (Stoner Doom)

Lucifungus made a pretty strong impression in 2018 with their debut EP and a bunch of awesome show lineups in 2019. I’m glad to finally get some more from these guys. A very riff focused doom duo with a lot of gain, the way it ought to be. I wonder if they have the orange amps. Definitely got the Melvins vibe. […]

2020 Albums

Album Review: Wardaemonic – Acts Of Repentance 9.5 (Black Metal)

Alright, what is in the bloody water over at Perth? The amount of bands coming out of there at the top of their game is intense. It’s unlike anywhere else on the continent, and they’re even on my favorite label, Transcending Obscurity. This label has good taste, every album that gets released there has some kind of quirk or progressive music ideology that separates the bands from their genre. This isn’t just another black metal album, it’s an experience equally capable of being a mosher and a thinker. It unravels unto your mind and stirs something in your soul. Acts of Repentance releases on the 20th of March and will be one of this year’s highlights just based on the sound and presentation combination happening here. It’s a high quality and well-rounded album. […]

2018 albums

Tape Review: Sabïre – Gates Ajar 7.0 (Heavy Metal)

This is one of those times where I got a tape just because of how awesome the cover looked. This is some fun straight out of the 80s and carries both the sound and mentality of the era with it. We’re talking heavy metal guitars and clean vocals about sex and BDSM. It’s dated but highly listenable. […]

Reviews Presented Randomly

2019 Albums

Album Review: Firelink – The Inveterate Fire 10 (Black metal)

This one has straight exploded on me, I put off checking this out when I saw it posted everywhere because I thought it was going to be a standard fare of power metal. Well, after hearing it on a random shuffle list and looking at the artist, I was surprised to hear some classic sounding melodic black metal. Stuff I haven’t heard the sound of since I was a long haired teenager listening to Agathodomain and Empyrean. […]

2020 Albums

Album Review: The Acacia Strain – “Slow Decay” 8.6/10 (Deathcore)

The Acacia Strain are a deathcore band that have staked their career on making some of the most bleak, negative, and skull smashing music of all time. They also happen to have been one of the bands that got me into heavy music. They’re one of my favorite bands, and their 2014 effort Coma Witch is easily one of my favorite albums of all time. These guys have been around since 2001, and to see them still going so strong to this day does warm my heart. Needless to say, this was one of my most anticipated albums of the year. […]