Album Review: Beneath The Massacre – Fearmonger 8 (Tech Deathcore)

Written by Zax

2019 was the year of comebacks in the music world, we saw the returns of massive bands, cult favorites, and underground bands alike. This epidemic did not spare the deathcore scene, as we saw returns for bands we thought we’d never see again, like Annotations Of An Autopsy and And Hell Followed With. The whole year I was hoping we would see the return of the mighty Beneath The Massacre, and just when I thought it would never happen, on November 29th they announced their new album Fearmonger, and now it is finally here.

Artwork by Alexandre Goulet

Their last record Incongruous came out in 2012, since then fans have been patiently waiting for our next dose of insanely complicated technical deathcore, and after 8 years we have it! It does not disappoint either, these guys didn’t lose a single shred of what made them so amazing throughout their career.

Fearmonger is just under 30 minutes in length, but it packs a massive punch. This is mostly due to the blistering unrelenting speed of the drums. It’s genuinely impressive and I’d love to see the average BPM for this thing. The guitars are insanely technical and similarly lightning fast in a way that I can hardly comprehend. The shredding and sweep picking is truly something to behold. It is deathcore though, so we do get some meaty chugging riffs and breakdowns. There is not an over reliance on then or anything. My favorite breakdown on the album falls on the track “Treacherous.”

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The vocalist is an absolute beast, he has some amazing gutturals and a very strong presence behind the mic. To put things into perspective, this record is like a combination of Rings Of Saturn and Brain Drill if both of those bands were ten times better than they already are. I’m not shitting on either of those bands, I’m actually actually a big fan of those, but that’s just how good this thing is.

Do yourself a favor and check this out, with a 30 minute runtime you really don’t have much to lose. It’s a ruthless speedfest that will blow your mind. Long time fans will be pleased, and I’d like to think newcomers would be too.


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