Video Premiere: Kari Rueslåtten – Sørgekåpe (Indie Folk, Norway)

Exclusive Australian premiere

Let’s end the week with something more serene to help us wind down from the various shows and album release hype mongering. This is a single from Norwegian singer-songwriter Kari Rueslåtten. Many will know from her early work with the experimental doom band The 3rd and the Mortal – a project that played a crucial role in the early days of the metal scene and inspired many metal bands to be inclusive of female singers. The single “Sørgekåpe” is the title track of the forthcoming album Sørgekåpe out May 8, 2020. This will be Kari Rueslåtten’s eighth solo album to date and the experience is shown through it’s elegance.

“Sørgekåpe” is the Norwegian name for the butterfly Mourning Cloak, depicted in the video.

While this isn’t heavy or necessarily metal, it has a wide appeal to fans of these genres in the way that Damnation by Opeth did – combining prog and folk sensibilities using beautiful layered guitar work alongside outright haunting clean vocals. The Norwegian spirit is strong in this one and lovers of the bare wilderness will be right at home.

“With the Sørgekåpe music video I invite
people into my native landscape and language”

“Sørgekåpe describes those lonely hours at night when every thought is looming, and one loses the battle against reality. By the time morning light finds its way through the curtains, the mind is so fragile, it can be tipped over by the gentle touch of a butterflies’ wing.”

The album is available for pre-order here.

Kari Rueslåtten: Bandcamp / Spotify / Facebook / Twitter

Additional credits:

The music video was shot at the Dovrefjell mountains in Mid Norway. The video is directed, shot and edited by Troll Toftenes. Produced by Vardøger.
The music is written by Kari Rueslåtten and Jostein Ansnes. Produced by Jostein Ansnes, recorded in Dreamfarm Studios, Surnadal. Mixed by Jo Ranheim.

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