Album Review: Spectrum Of Delusion – “Neoconception” 8.5/10 (Tech Death)

Written by Zax

Spectrum Of DelusionNeoconception
Technical Death Metal from The Netherlands
Released September 11th, 2020
Via The Artisan Era

The Artisan Era is one of those labels that you can always count on to deliver quality metal, they specifically operate within the tech/prog death scenes, and their band Spectrum Of Delusion has just added another slice of gold to the label’s extensive catalog with their sophomore record Neoconception!

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Spectrum Of Delusion formed in 2013 out of the Netherlands, and their new album shows us that brand hyper-technical death metal that I really love, the type that’s known for crazy complicated and fast-paced playing, gorgeous arrangements, and cleaner production. Couple that with the sci-fi concept on this album and you have a pretty easy lay for me, and hopefully for you guys too!

First off, this has the most ridiculous fretless bass performance I’ve heard since Diluvium by Obscura or Algorythm by Beyond Creation, just an astounding performance all around. It’s so loud in the mix, it’s melodic and rhythmic, big kudos to Jerry Kamer on bass there.

Of course this rest of the band members are firing on all cylinders as well. The guitar work is out of this world. The riffs are heavy, but the lead work is absolutely out of this world, it’s technical as hell and performed with such expertise that it’s a bit mind boggling. The drums are equally wild. The vocals are brutal too, with nasty gutturals and raw high screams.

As I mentioned, this is a concept record. The concept focuses on the last days of earth, brought on by an asteroid that was originally projected to fly by the earth, but transitioned into a full on collision with earth.

This record really was right up my alley, and I think it’s got a pretty good chance of being one of my personal favorite tech death records of the year. Can’t recommend it enough.


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