Noob Heavy Pr is a registered Australian business that provides affordable PR to metal bands. I work with various blogs, podcast and radio people to get your work seen. I have a flat price of 450AUD. I provide discounts to Australian and NZ bands as a local initiative to get more of these projects seen globally. Noob Heavy has the advantage of being a blog first and foremost, thus having its own built in audience, so every review or interview you get, gets shared by two publications and yourself! To hire me chuck an email to

I no longer support already released albums, you must hire me 5 weeks minimum prior to release for an effective PR campaign. Support for standalone singles will require less notice. This is because I want to ensure the most successful campaign possible.

I have experience with death metal, black metal, doom metal and traditional heavy metal. I’m a big fan of post hardcore, math, hardcore and grindcore as well, I’m certainly willing to work with any genre depending on the quality of the release. The most important factors in getting a review is the quality of the music and good artwork. Presentation is a big part of running a music website.

Here’s an overview of some of my services. If you’d like a consulation or to request press kit examples, email (not the same as paypal).

  • Free consultations
  • Social media and promotional advice, I’m always available for my clients
  • Press kit creation
  • Sent off to 680+ email addresses of music influencers.
  • Sharing the coverage on Noob Heavy socials and hyping the release
  • Additional promotion via Facebook Groups and other places
  • I can use Noob Heavy socials as well as reach out to affiliate promoters to host Bandcamp code and physical media giveaways
  • Seek out publications to premiere music videos and playthroughs
  • Summary report
  • Organise video premieres
  • Bandcamp code giveaways
  • physical media giveaways

Once you hire me, I will support your release for a good chunk of time before and after release date, often still finding opportunities months afterwards. I may also continue to find relevant opportunities via my own projects such as Noob Heavy Radio or The Australian Heavypedia. I’ve even connected clients with each other for collaborations, whatever it is I’m sure I can look after you.

Here are some current and previous clients of mine. These posts are different from the press releases I send out which are much prettier.