Noob Heavy is a legitimate Metal PR Agency. I can provide an Australian Business Number (ABN)
I prefer to promote albums that are not yet set for release, these are easier to promote but I can provide services to almost anything in the last couple of months. Death, Doom and Post-Black are my favorites but I’m open, just try to have appealing artwork on the cover.

Packages (USD)

All packages include advice from myself with same day response (time zones depending) and management of Metal Archives information (adding releases etc).

Note: All social media coverage involves sharing band updates, merch and gigs as well as sharing any coverage from other publications. Using my following I can essentially double all of your important posts and future coverage. It’s not a 1:1 pay for shout out IG story bullshit, it’s an integration into the Noob Heavy brand across IG, Twitter and Facebook. I often also help bands write their most important posts.

Basic (120):
Designed for solo/duo projects and as secondary promo (You can hire multiple PR from different countries, I’m based in Australia)

  • Promo pack creation
  • Basic email list (250 and growing industry emails)
  • Social media coverage for a month – sharing of merch/news/gigs
  • Social media advice
  • Social media write ups or help with content ideas

Medium (240):

  • Promo pack creation
  • Basic Email List (250 and growing industry emails)
  • Social media coverage for 3 months – sharing of merch/news/gigs
  • Social media advice
  • Social media write ups and content ideas
  • Airplay submissions: Youtube, podcasts, online radio and playlists
  • Tailored email list/website submissions (Places with stricter requirements and submissions forms, the big guys)
  • Premier of a single through another metal publication
  • Smaller giveaways

Extensive (400):

  • All medium package jobs but 5 months social coverage instead of 3.
  • The non email list. I have a large list of promoters of varying sizes who run promotional social media accounts. Many of these do not have email and are done through direct communication. This hands on social approach does provide an extra edge of being in the public eye and receiving ongoing support from influencers turned new fans.
  • Video premiers. I will send additional emails to organise the premier of videos leading up to release. Lyric videos, singles, guitar playthroughs and so on.
  • Bigger giveaways

Total representation (Best for labels or bigger bands) (550):

  • Everything in the extensive package but 12 months social coverage.
  • Social media management (Twitter/IG only) – I’ll create an account and get the ball rolling before handing it off. See my IG accounts @noobheavy @esoterictapes and @frthemetal all three were achieved within 8 months. almost 800 followers on twitter Joined April
  • Label Scouting for physical media releases and possible roster placement
  • Gig and festival scouting
  • I’ll be your ride or die bitch, hit me with pitches

(Coverage listed are highlights not complete)

Scissorfight (Since Jan 2020)
Southern Rock/Acid Mountain Rock
‘Doomus Abruptus Vol.1’
December 6th, 2019
Salt Of The Earth Records 

L’Homme Absurde (Since December 2019)
Post-black/Post-hardcore, Russia
‘Belong’ January 17th, 2020

Bandcamp / Spotify / Facebook / Instagram / Metal Archives

Hailing from Moscow Russia, L’Homme Absurde play a captivating blend of post-black metal and metalcore that has been refined over multiple releases leading into their third LP, ‘Belong’ (Out Jan 17th). The band originally started as the solo project of A.S. and quickly evolved into a fully fledged live performance. Their name is in french and loosely means The Absurd Human/Man, it is taken from the philosophical work “The Myth of Sisyphus” by Albert Camus. 

Video premiere via Sleeping Village Reviews

Featured on Episode 18 of Straight To The Core podcast

Review at Games Brains & A Headbanging Life (8.5/10)

Review at Noob Heavy (9/10) (written prior to hiring)

Review at Occult Black Metal Zine (8/10)

Review at (7/10)

Review at Sleeping Village Reviews

Review at Razoredge.rock

Review on Headbanger Reviews

News article at Metal Noise

News article at Som Metal

Article On Permafrost

Eternal Rest (Since November 2019)
Death/Grind from Australia
June 7th, 2019

Bandcamp / Spotify / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Eternal Rest are an industrious death metal band from Brisbane, Australia with connections to American Labels and Swedish sound engineer/genius Dan Swano, who mixed the band’s 2019 release ‘The Picture Of Hatred’. With a lot more to say the band aren’t ready to relax yet, they are currently working on some brutal new material to elevate their craft, this monstrous release will be hitting our ears mid 2020.


Featured on Straight To The Core podcast hosted by Matt Massacre

Coverage on Heavy Mag

Review at MetalMixTape

Noob Heavy giveaways

Social media support

Aeons Abyss (September – November 2019)
OSDM from Australia
November 1st, 2019

Bandcamp / Spotify / Instagram / Facebook

Artwork by Satta
Impenitent by Aeons Abyss

AEONS ABYSS is an Australian death metal studio project formed in 2017 to record music written in the early to mid 1990’s during the halcyon days of death metal. 

IMPENITENT is an eight-track LP by AEONS ABYSS representing their second studio production and is scheduled for worldwide release on 1 November 2019. It’s full of old school death metal with melodic riffs, blast beats, transcendent guitar solos and guttural vocals ranging over three octaves.  The music is elaborate with themes and variations while the lyrics are complex and explore prescient philosophical issues by way of extreme, genre appropriate analogies.


Spotify Radio

Sares Invasion Radio Airplay

Straight To The Core Podcast Ep. 10

Through The Collapse Podcast 8th Nov

Thrash Metal Catalogue YouTube

Noob Heavy Interview with Cover Artist Satta

Review at Brutalism

Cadaver Garden Review

Kaje from VM Underground Review

The Metal Gamer Review

Countless Instagram posts including several end of year lists