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Just to be clear, I am not a label and do not offer those services or show booking. This is a PR firm whose sole purpose is to email your releases far and wide to get them coverage and airplay, as well as represent you to press. To do all the socialising and thinking that would typically wipe you out after days and weeks on end on the grind, I can do it for you and using experience in the community rather than having to start fresh like new and independent bands have to. I offer discounts to solo and duo projects as well as a capped rate for independent bands, so while PR isn’t typically affordable to many bands, mine is. Scroll to bottom for a list of my services.

Purveyors Of Sonic Doom
Death Doom, Canada
February 7th, 2020

Bandcamp / Instagram / Metallum

Entombed Black Earth
Eyeless Void

Purveyors of Sonic Doom are an independant lofi sludge duo from Canada set to release a debut double EP on the 7th of February, 2020. These EPs titled “Eyeless Void” and “Entombed Black Earth”, they will also be released on cassette at time of release with a limited run of 25.

Track list:


  • 1. Eyeless Void
  • 2. Rot Covered Gold (Single w/ lyric video)
  • 3. Flayed One
  • 4. Third of the Storms (Hellhammer cover)


  • 1. Seafarers Lament
  • 2. Mongrel Dog
  • 3. Entombed Black Earth
  • 4. Astral Witch (Single w/ lyric video)
  • 5. Titan Blood


Purveyors Of Sonic Doom formed the band in March 2019 “out of a mutual appreciation for bands like Winter, Disembowelment, Derketa and Hooded Menace.” said drummer Nick Tooms. “We wanted to create really raw and powerful doom metal with an old school death metal and sludge influence.”After self recording and self releasing a demo cassette titled “Death Rides A Horse Called Doom” in early 2019, they were immediately ready to lay down not one debut album, but a double debut album slated for February 7th release. 

Purveyors Of Sonic Doom have been honing their chops at live shows towards the end of the year and have desires play more in 2020 and possibly tour.

Mixed and Mastered: Mike Raymond at Reverence Audio

Artwork: Humancorpse

Members: (Available for interview)

Nick Tooms (Drums, Backing Vocals) and Ted Gloom (Guitars, Lead Vocals) from Ottawa, Canada. 

Aeons Abyss
OSDM from Australia
November 1st, 2019

Bandcamp / Spotify / Instagram / Facebook

Artwork by Satta
Impenitent by Aeons Abyss

AEONS ABYSS is an Australian death metal studio project formed in 2017 to record music written in the early to mid 1990’s during the halcyon days of death metal. 

IMPENITENT is an eight-track LP by AEONS ABYSS representing their second studio production and is scheduled for worldwide release on 1 November 2019. It’s full of old school death metal with melodic riffs, blast beats, transcendent guitar solos and guttural vocals ranging over three octaves.  The music is elaborate with themes and variations while the lyrics are complex and explore prescient philosophical issues by way of extreme, genre appropriate analogies.


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Affordable PR

The core part of my job will be to make up a promo package for your release and then email it out to publishers of many many kinds. I stay in communication with these people to produce reviews, interviews and more for your upcoming album. These emails happen in waves, first I try to get airplay and then I target the most specifically relevant and promising places. Finally a mass generic email to many smaller places open to submissions.

When people write about or give feedback, I will share it across my social media (IG, FB and Twitter) as an aggregate and hype man. This also ensures more community participation.

I will be available to chat same day most days about any aspect of your goals and plans. I’m a great brainstormer.

The more I get to plan the better it will be, if I can set the release date then things will go smoother. If you’re flexible on how to handle bandcamp and preorders and all that jazz it helps too. I need at least 6 weeks but that’s bare minimum. Many publications I submit to ask for that much as it is.

As a representative for your album I am basically in charge of everything that many musicians find difficult and stressful. Unlike bands who are often starting with bare networks, I already have an established network that operate within daily.

I have provide additional services for additional fees such as label scouting and paid social promotions.

My fees are absurdly cheap, I always appreciate getting a swag bag from my clients as a souvenir.