EP Review: Stefania Night – “CRAWL TO ME ROT WITH ME” (Gothic Industrial/Hyperpop)

Written by Valkyrjiaa

> Gothic industrial death glitch hyperpop
> Released December 2
> Independent/self-release

No stranger to the metal scene both inside and out, trans artist Stefania Night has embraced the macabre and odd, releasing an EP titled CRAWL TO ME ROT WITH ME that is, in the artist’s own words, “music to be murdered in a bounce house to”. The gothic industrial death glitch hyperpop artist claims inspiration from a wide range of acts, including Full of Hell, HEALTH, SOPHIE, Bell Witch, GHOSTEMANE, Kat Katz, Iwrestledabearonce, and others, all of which see their influences peeking out throughout this short yet expansive EP.

Exploring love, queer sexuality, kink, loss, and trauma, these tracks touch on the intimate and curious, with excellent features from Seria Viri, Mothgirl, and Lav Andula to create epic and jaw-dropping mixes bound to blast your ear holes open.

The introductory track, “Crawl”, features the mysticism of electronic musician Seria Viri in a blend of eerie carnival meets industrial synth. It’s like a pull through the funhouse, with every mirror showing a different reflection. What face will you unveil next? It’s inviting with its own brand of curious noise, painting a circus soundscape filled with horror and intrigue that you simply cannot pull your gaze from.

“Full of Nails” follows up with a set of deepened vocals that sound demonic in their release. The curiosity and suspicion blend but one cannot shy away. The infectious beats are almost methodical in the way they seem to plague the mind, setting in to be heard long before delusion takes over. The bubbly pop and industrial glitches add notes of fun and fear, keeping this track interesting and unpredictable.

Feeling as if straight pulled from some cyberpunk cityscape, “Liminal Lovers” features a wild mix of hyper sound, and techno-drop circuits that aid in visualizing a futuristic nightmare. From dim fluorescent bulbs, to the darkened sky and hazy atmosphere, it’s so well-crafted in its execution that you feel the cold steel on your skin, and hear the electricity that surrounds you. The eclectic Mothgirl adds depth to this scenic track, making it that more vivid and palpable in both mind and sound.

“LOVER I DON’T HAVE TO LOVE” features the added finesse of dark house artist Lav Andula to accentuate another layer of mystery to this already enigmatic EP. Feeling more of a goth vibe with this one, touched by funhouse pop once more, this track is frightening yet tranquil, building on some unseen surprises that never seem to surface. However, the shift that drops us into sheer chaos comes as a knockout, bringing a new level of mysticism to this track that I can’t quite put into words.


This EP dropped in early December yet, feels as if its been around since the 80’s, lurking under the radar and finally emerging with the new fascination in cyberpunk. It’s got everything it claims, from bouncy house fear to murdery vibes, all wrapped up in gothic glamour. Stefania Night‘s articulation at combining the mixture of varying and synchronized genres is unlike any other, creating a soundscape and scene straight out of a neon-lit horror movie.