EBONIVORY release new song “Introvection” and video in anticipation of their upcoming album The Long Dream I


Heavy News by Katha

EBONIVORY is an Australian progressive band, employing a distillation of progmetal, alternative rock, post-hardcore and modern punk. Now they’ve unveiled “Introvection” in anticipation of their second album “The Long Dream I”, which is gonna be released June 5 via Wild Thing Records.

And they caught my attention immediately when I checked it. It’s a blast! Curious? Crank it up:

Frontman Charlie Powlett says about the new song:
“Introvection is an endless deep dive into the self. Opening with a descending spiral of riffs and transitioning into truly heartfelt reflection, this song encapsulates the vastly different stages of self-grieving and acceptance after trauma. In signature fashion, Introvection showcases our motivations as Ebonivory; to create an experience that hits hard without being overbearing, is musically complex whilst exercising restraint, and having the most fun possible without sacrificing the integrity of our art.”


The Long Dream I is the first of a two-part concept album, delivering a vision that is pure and unrestrained by musical conformity, often leaving the listener nostalgic, enraged, and paralysed within the span of seconds. Entirely-self produced, mastered by Forrester Savell (Karnivool), and led by singer Charlie Powlett’s emotionally powerful delivery, every song presents a completely unique reimagining of what progressive music is capable of; shifting from the punk-inspired moments of Hanmer Streetinto the gritty, futuristic soundscapes of Explosions After Dark, and transcendental riffs and passages of Introvection. All the while effortlessly maintaining cohesive melodic bonds, resembling a sequence of dreams.

You can pre-order the album HERE

Ebonivory A Long Dream I
Ebonivory – The Long Dream I




1. Introduction
2. Hanmer Street
3. Persist
4. Patting the Black Dog
5. Cats
6. A Colour I’m Blind To
7. Sea Sons
8. In Reverie
9. Window Man
10. Explosions After Dark
11. Tales of Termina
12. The Bluegums
13. Introvection


Charlie Powlett – Lead Vocals
Jake Ewings – Guitar
Louis Edwards – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Connor McMillan – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dave Parkes – Drums, Percussion

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