Here’s a list of Bandcamp albums that are Name Your Own Price (free) and have been released in 2021. Many of these albums have barely been heard so get in here and stream some new bands to find! It’s encouraged to support the bands if possible but I know it’s not possible for all of us. If you want one added comment below and I’ll check it out. If you encounter any that are no longer free then comment below! If you ever see nazi shit posted here or anywhere on Noob Heavy, I didn’t know and you can email me at to remove that trash. The 2020 Free Band Camp Wiki is still up and will stay up. Use CTRL+F on Windows to browse by genre or location.

Quality: EPs, LPs and Splits only. No demos (unless of EP quality), promos, singles etc. I must like the album -or for the more harsh stuff – at least appreciate it’s value to you sickos. Pretty album covers are a big bonus. I don’t support dungeon synth, it has it’s own built in community that I’m just not interested in.

Metal – Death, Black, Doom, tech death, deathcore, progressive metal, thrash and all sorts of adjacent stuff. I include a lot of metallic hardcore here, especially if there’s death/thrash vibes, the more punk or melodic stuff goes into core.

Core – This is primarily post hardcore, melodic hardcore, hardcore punk, metalcore, melodic hardcore and mathcore. All of which are genres with a lot of variety and eccentricity.

Stoner/Sludge – Ya know

Filth/Outsider/Just weird – This is raw black metal, devastating grindcore, lofi sludge, noise, slam, cybergrind, avant garde… I don’t even know what. It’s munted, random and just for you, you degenerate.

I use this resource to review albums on my Toilet Ov Hell free Bandcamp column The Free Flush which you can read below:
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Doomed & Stoned – Doomed & Stoned In Colorado

Everlasting Spew – Sampler

Nintendocore Lives – Melee

Weedian – Trip To Germany
(Stoner Doom)

Weedian – Trip To Norway
(Stoner doom)


Algea – Sentimentos Sepultados
(Black/Punk, Brazil)

Asphyxiate – Altar Of Decomposed
(Slam, America)

Arsena – Dawn Of The Second Sun
(Traditional Heavy/Thrash, America)

Axial – Conflict Of Mortals
(PRog/Instrumental, America)

Battlechain – Curse Of The Cemetery
(Power/Trad metal, Brazil)

Bipolar Noise – Necrocão
(Grind/Black/Hardcore, Brazil)

BOCC – Santa Eulàlia
(Death/Doom, Spain)

Bodybox -Through The Bongfire
(Death/Hardcore, America)

Bog Monster – Hell IS Full
(Death Doom, Australia)

Boogied – Wild eruptions of consciousness
(Speed/Thrash, Spain)

Bone Fetish – Buried
(Death/Goregrind, Canada)

Burning Leather – Burning Leather
(Speed/Thrash, Italy)

Cainhurst – Cainhurst
(RABM/DSBM, United Kingdom)

Cerebral Assassins – Curse
(Death/Grind, United Kingdom)

Chimera Cult – Join The Cult
(Prog/Sludge, China)

Creator Undone – Firstborn Rising
(Death Metal/Experimental, America)

Dead Sentry – Polarity
(Death/Thrash, Canada)

Disfigured Abomination – Size Matters
(Brutal Death, Germany

Dispersed – Where Silence Reigns
(Slam, America)

Dissected – Dissected
(Death/grind, America)

Ecpatia – 3:15am
(DSBM, Costa Rica)

Eurkuh – Not At All
(Black Metal, Australia)

Faitheater – No Purity
(Metallic hardcore, Texas)

Fathom – Imprisoned
(Blackened Deathcore, America)

Fleshdriver – LIVE: A Feast Of Flesh
(Metallic Hardcore, Florida)

Forest Fog – Of Broken Branches and Wilderness Unknown
(Atmospheric Black, Canada)

Fossilization – He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten
(Black/Doom, Brazil)

Fretmiden – Bashaea
(Prog deathcore, Norway)

Grave Insanity – Inthronisation
(Tech Deathcore, America)

Grave Intent – Grave Intent
(Thrash/Death, America)

Greed – The Plague Of The Earth
(Metallic hardcore, UK)

Greg the Hero – Dissolve:Devolve
(Black/Death/Core, America)

(Black Metal, Sweden)

Infested Angel – Nourish Me, Satan
(Death Metal, UK)

Invictra – Sin N’ Bones
(Thrash/Groove, America)

Iron Pike – Hell Will Always Find Its Way Home
(Sludge/Post Metal, Sweeden)

Jorogumo – Rot
(Death Metal, UK)

Kaatorituaali – Rämesielu
(Groove/Thrash, Finland)

Keep The Change – Take Back Whats Yours
(Thrash/HArdcore, America)

Lamentia – Lamentia
(Atmospheric Death Doom, Australia)

Mamaev Kurgan – In The Black Mark Abyss
(Black/Death, Italy)

Maranathema – Absolved OF Hope
(Deathcore, Canada)

Martyrdxm – Afterlife…
(Raw/Atmospheric black, Russia)

Maudiir – La Part du Diable
(Black/Thrash, Canada)

Misfire – Sympathy For The Ignorant
(Thrash/Heavy Metal, America)

Mist OF Twilight – …A Hollow Gaze
(Melo death/Black, America)

Moonburial – The Cosmic Menace
(Prog/Death/Groove, America)

NaKhArA – The Procession
(Progressive Death, France)

Nostalghia – Lifeless
(DSBM, Mexico)

Oneironoia – Hymns Of Aporia
(Black Death, Germany)

Optical Illusion – Gate Guardian
(Tech Deathcore, America)

Our Earth Is A Tomb – Absentia EP
(Doomgaze/Post-rock, America)

Our Grave To Dig – Our Grave To Dig
(Blackgaze/doom, America)

Outer Darkness – Ten Acres Of Hell
(Blackgaze/Skramz, America)

Pessimista – Abandono e Desilusão
(RABM, Brazil)

Plaguelord – The Silent King
(Death/Thrash, Australia

Présages – Pleurs
(Prog Black/Death, Canada)

(Death Doom, France)

Rage Of Devils – Life Of Horror
(Black Metal, America)

Rolamento Atômico – SO FAST​.​.​.​SO GOOD​.​.​.​SO GRALHA
(Thrash metal, Brazil)

Rumination – Blue Rose
(Blackened Death Grind, America)

Shahada – Terror
(Brutal Death/Grind, Malaysia)

Shining Wizard – Strong Style Grindcore
(Grindcore, America)

(Black/crust, Denmark)

The Parallax – Phantom Wings
(Progressive Death, America)

Thermohaline – Maelström
(Atmospheric Black, Brazil)

Trenches – Trenches II
(Black/Death/Thrash, Australia)

ULTRAXE – Vol 1​.​.​.​Confinados !​!​!
(Death/Grind, Spain)

Until Death Overtakes Me – As Dead As Time
(Funeral Doom/Darkwave, Belgium)

Vermian – All That IS Holy Must Be Undone
(Death Doom, Ireland)

Violet Cold – Empire Of Love
(RABM/Post Black, Azerbaijan)

Wiedergänger – Cult OF Extinction
(Atmospheric Black Death, Germany)

Whisteria Cottage – Heathen
(Deathcore/Grind, America)

Withering Reign – Under The Bleeding Sun
(Melo Death, Sweden)

Xenoglossia -Xenoglossia
(Deathcore/Slam, America)


Cerbère – Cerbère
(Sludge, France)

Dozethrone – Dozethrone Bloody Dozethrone
(Sludge Metal, Singapore)

Elk Witch – The Mountain
(Southern Rock, America)

Gladius Dei – Long Gone Ghosts
(Traditional/Stoner Doom, Germany)

Gombe War – Blood Is For Us
(Sludge/Groove, Netherlands)

Grey Pilgrim – Godless Sorcerer
(Death Doom/Stoner, America)

Heave – Heave
(Sludge/Doom, New Mexico)

Hollowed – Hollowed
(Sludge metal, America)

Iron Pike – Hell Will Always Find Its Way Home
(Sludge/Doom, Sweden)

Jurassic Witch – Black Masses And Ashes
(Stoner Doom, America)

Kartoum – Maelstrom
(Sludge/Doom, Germany)

LáGoon – Skullatic Visions
(Stoner Rock, America)

Overspray – The Roach Clip Chronicles
(Jam/Sludgecore, Canada)

Taigan – Pure Manure
(Sludge Rock, America)

Triste – Below Zero
(Death sludge, Germany)

Uncle Woe – Don’t Look Down
(Psych/Stoner, America)

Vandrer – In Search of the Path of Return
(Stoner/Drone, Norway)

Weird Tales – Y’all Motherfuckers Forgot ‘Bout Good Ol’ Son of a Bitchin’ Blues
(Stoner Doom, Poland)

Wizzerd – Volume 1
(Psychedelic/Blues, America)


Antipath – Cope
(Metallic Hardcore, America)

Art of Defeat – Cardinals
(Metalcore/Post hardcore, America)

Bag of Schmidt – Vanquish
(Progressive Metalcore, America)

Block Out the sun – Block Out the sun
(Hardcore, United Kingdom)

Caged – Burning Rage Of a Dying Planet
(Metalcore/Hardcore, America)

Cicada Swarm – The Dissection
(Mathcore/Death, America)

Cold Hope – Caustic Reality
(Metalcore/Hardcore, France)

Decair – Through distance
(Metalcore/Post hardcore, Slovenia)

Earthly Bodies – Paradise
(Prog Metalcore/Mathy Djent, America)

(Brutal death/Grind, United Kingdom)

Fangs – Anguish
(Deathcore/Djent, United Kingdom)

Fathom – Imprisoned
(Tech Deathcore, America)

Fight Forever – Over It
(Hardcore punk, America)

Forlorn Sky – Of Loss And Decay
(Metalcore/Metallic HC, Switzerland)

Furiae – Wilt
(Metalcore/Grindcore, America)

Gary Ordinary – Nothing To See Here EP
(Grind/Hardcore, America)

Gloom Doom – Torn EP
(Hardcore/Metalcore, America)

Heedless Elegance – Libra
(Metalcore/Nu, Hungary)

If i had a heart – If I Had A Heart
(Metalcore/djent, America)

Incision – Incision
(Metallic hardcore, Canada)

Kaizo – discard Vol 1
(Metalcore/Hardcore, America)

Medoi The Maid – Self-Hate
(Progressive Metalcore, Russia)

Nihileth – Nihileth
(Death/Black/HArdcore, United Kingdom)

Of Sound And Silence – Hireath
(Progressive metalcore, America)

Path Of Resurgence – Blinded By Desire
(Metalcore/Hardcore, America)

Raikiri – 2 Mile Hell
(Hardcore, America)

Remains Of Rage – Remains Of Rage
(Hardcore/Thrash, America)

Scratch Lines – Trauma
(Hardcore, Australia)

Sledge – A Pitch Black Night Without Headlights
(Metalcore/Hardcore, America)

Split The Atom – find comfort EP
(Post Hardcore, France)

Sucubo – Sucubo
(HArdcore/Crust, Spain)

Trebuchet – A Sheep Shearers Dream
(Deathcore/Electronic, Isreal)

Trophy Hunt – Katabasis
(Grind/Skramz, America)

Tromblon – Je me fiche d’être Français
(Melodic Hardcore, France)

Until I Bleed – Ruined By My Own Hands
(Metalcore/Hardcore, America)

Where Waves rest – Monuments, Epilogues and Isles
(Post hardcore/Powerviolence, America

Wither Rivers – Life As An Open Wound
(Hardcore/Post-Hardcore, America)

Zadra – Zadra
(Metalcore/Post Hardcore, America)

Filth/Outsider/Just Weird:

Active Shooter – Life Stands Still
(Blackened grind, America)

abyssal aura – purging the humiliation
(Ambient Black, America)

Brainleak – Medically Deranged
(Slam/Goregrind, America)

CIA Hippie Mind Control – The Libation Bearers
(Black/Doom, America)

City of Night and Distant Stars – Transformation EP
(Industrial Metal/Dark Ambient, America)

Cyttorak/Revered And Reviled Above All Others – Split
(Doomviolence, America)

Disposal – Disposal
(Grind/Literally a garbage disposal unit, America)

Dosanjos – Heterogeneous Hieratic Areopagus
(Experimental Black/Noise, Brazil)

Erecshyrinol – Is Real Love Wrong?
(Experimental hardcore, America)

Femur Breaker – 106
(Grind/Noise/Slam, America)

Germfask – Camp no. 135
(Death/Noise, Kazakhstan)

Gravedancer – Cult Of The Red Goddess
(Experimental Death, America)

Horsebiter – Reptile Disfunction Split
(Black/Punk/Doom, America)

Kings Ransom – Bury The Hatchet
(Beatdown/Slam, America)

Lost Dog – Antiphonal Revolver
(Noise/Grind, America)

MammothCaveBurial – Crimes Of The Crucifix
(Blackened sludge, America)

MIDIR – Let Me Sleep Forever
(Raw Death Doom, America)

Opium Grave – Deathly Mesmerism
(Experimental/Blackwave, Australia)

Remorse At Death – Remorse At Death
(Sludgecore, Australia)

seven actual – sometimes the best you can do is just remain silent
(Grind/Punk, Finland)

Simplefixty – The realm (Volume 4)
(Gothic/dubstep/industrial metal, Norway)

Sounds Of Emptiness – The Candle Fades​.​.​.
(Doomgaze, India)

SYMMEL&XAMMO – Underground Cyberpunk
(Industrial Metal, Sweden)

The Ghost Gardener – Chaos Natura
(Raw post black, Spain)

Todessog – In Eternal Darkness
(Raw Black, Germany)

Vipère – Sombre marche
(Raw Black, France)

Vomiphilia – Mutilator
(Brutal/Goregrind, America)

Whoreyevo – Dejando
(Prog/Jazz/Death/Other, New Zealand)

Wrektomb – Hollowed Socket Nystagmus
(Lofi Doom, America)