Album Review: Vredensdal – The Tyrant Shade 7.7 (Black Metal)

Written by Zax

  • Vredensdal
  • The Tyrant Shade
  • Black Metal
  • May 6th, 2020
  • Independent
  • 7.7/10

Writing for Noob Heavy has brought me tons of exciting opportunities, from interviewing one of my favorite bands too receiving early releases for highly anticipated albums, but the first promo I ever got was from Vredensdal, a one-man raw black metal project from here in America. Vredensdal will always stand out in my mind for that reason, and I felt it was only appropriate to cover their new record titled The Tyrant Shade.

I did enjoy the debut, but I am pleased to say that this is significantly better, definitely not a sophomore slump! He has taken the time to truly hone his musical talent as well as add to the old school black metal sounds of their debut.

Vredensdal truly does embody the essence of old school 1st wave black metal, characterized by dark lyrics, ominous atmospherics, and groovy thrash-esque riffs. It reminds me a bit of Venom. The guitar tone is fantastic, very robust groovy riffs and old school sounding lead work.

The vocals have been refined a bit from the debut, slightly less raw, but more well executed for sure. We still hear these classic, evil, high pitched black metal screams. There’s also a bit of clean singing and moaning here that sound very ominous and creepy. The lyrics are easy to make out in places which is always a plus as well.

Vredensdal: Spotify / Bandcamp / Facebook / Instagram

There’s a fair bit more atmosphere on this record in general actually. Lots of dark truly evil sounding atmospherics that add a lot to the record!

This here is the new wave of U.S. black metal, and It’s damn good too! Definitely do not sleep on this band you guys!


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  1. excellento. And i luv how the music unfolds and then folds. and the layers . i can imagine, Vredensdal that you really enjoy creating music stories.. im gonna go and buy some,

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