Interview: MAULE from Canada (Traditional Heavy Metal)

I freaking love some proper headbanging, sword waving, fist pumping Heavy Metal that is best served up in a dingy, overly loud club, whilst knocking back a few cold beers. What first got me to check out the debut offering from MAULE (from Canada) was the artwork – I just could sense that this would be some quality music … and upon giving it a spin, I was not disappointed! I am Steve from Aussie Death Thrash band, Aeons Abyss, and here is my interview with MAULE – enjoy!

Introduce yourself, and who is in your band (and cool stage names by the way!)?

I am Johnny Maule, bass player from MAULE. Right now the band consists of me, Eddie Riumin (drums), and Justin Walker (Lead Guitar). The stage names I can’t even remember, I added them as a joke and deleted them. They’re not on our Facebook page anymore so I have no idea where people are getting them from LOL
author’s note – stage names at the time of publishing the interview are on Metallum

“MAULE” as a band name sounds nice and savage. Why did you choose this name and how does it influence the band?

Thanks dawg, its my for reals name. Uh well we were originally called Summoner but Jakob freaked out about some other band being called that or something and was adamant we needed a new name. I pitched “Warnicorn” which is straight badass, the boys pitched some others but they were either taken or no one except the person who pitched it was into it. So I just said lets use my last name. There’s war hammers called that so that’s pretty metal, and everyone just agreed right away. I was like “No way!, cool”. I don’t know if it influences the band at all to be honest, you’d have to tell me!

Your self-titled release is now out.  What are 3 things we need to know about this release?

1. If you live in CANADA order it from:
2. Play it as loud as possible. Its better that way. A little blood coming our of your ears never hurt anyone. Plus when you play it really loud it stops the constant ear ringing that every one on earth always has all the time, that’s normal.
3. We wanted to make an album that would be both fun to play and fun to listen to. We think we did that, and hey, you might too!

Name 3 other bands whose fans would like your music

The ones we constantly keep getting told are IRON MAIDEN, ANGEL WITCH, BLITZKRIEG 

What is the band’s approach to songwriting?

Depends, I usually write most of my songs independently then bring it to the boys at which point we’ll go over it, change or add stuff, that kinda thing. Other times its more collaborative, really depends. But everyone gets to write and bring songs up.

What is your favorite track and why?

My favourite track to listen to is March of the Dead because it rules and my favourite to play is Maule because I did a lot more interesting bass stuff on that song. Daniel’s favourite is Ritual, and Eddie likes Summoner and Father Time.

Tell us about the recording, mixing and mastering for the new album

We recorded it with Michael Kraushaar at Little Red Sounds. There’s not too much for me to say about the recording process. We all think it went very well and were glad with our choice in engineer.

Talk about the album artwork, and is there a story behind the work?

Yeah the original pitch I had was a rotting skeleton brought back from hell. Essentially “Ritual” is describing the front cover. Its supposed to be the 4 of us doing the summoning to get the hammer and the Hell Knight being born. Or something like that.

How is it that Canada has such a sick Heavy Metal scene?

Cause its cold here all the time man, misery is what we do. Can’t make good art without suffering

Tell us an unusual fact, or one funny story about your band

Ha all I will say is “Mount Aerosmith” … maybe one day we will reveal what that means but it is not this day

What have you got coming up in the next 6 -12 months?

Hopefully getting back to playing shows and setting up tour plans, both domestic and international. Its all by ear right now though, nothing is concrete

Last question – List your top 3 Sword and Sorcery movies, and do any of you own a sword?

I don’t own a sword yet, but I am getting both the Albion – Crecy and Albion – Gaddhjalt when I can afford them. k so …
1. Is easily Excalibur from 1981 I think.

Dude the sword they used for Excalibur is called “The Lindsay Sword”, a Scottish family sword that was buried with one of them like 600 years ago. No one knows how they were able to make a 1:1 replica of it. NO ONE. That sword is also for sale off of Albion (this starting to sound like an add for them, that’s fine, ill take a sword sponsorship. I prefer fullers to medial ridges but prefer them combined. No excessive taper tho pls).
2. Is the entire Lord of the Rings extended edition because c’mon, it has to be. No Hobbit, and no amazon series.
3. Is the Conan series, movies and spinoffs, novels and comics.

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