Fuzzy Sun Selections: White Suns, USA/MEXICO, Black Pus, Nearly Dead & Endon

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I have been a metalhead all my life, listening mostly to Death Metal, Thrash, and some black metal. The best times I had and where I have seen some of the best shows were at Wacken Open Air. The last decade of my life my taste has shifted to noiserock, hardcore punk and heavy psych but I still listen to Metal and will so for the rest of my life. Still listen regularly to Entombed, Mayhem and Obituary. Last year I absolutely loved Pyrrhon and Gulch. So I am really glad to do a small post here on NoobHeavy because the genres noiserock and metal are of course all very close (saw a post a while ago about Couch Slut which I am big fan of). I wanted to list a couple of albums here that are really really heavy and play mostly with heavy feedback, noise and like to experiment with their sound.

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White Suns – the lower way

On February the fifth the trio White Suns released their new album ‘the lower way’ on Decoherence Records and for me this is an absolute beast but is quite extreme. I am not very big on harsh noise but what White Suns does on this album is creating the perfect balance between noise-noiserock and utter destruction. Their whole catalogue is a max of destructive noise, hardcore punk and feedback. Though I feel this new album is somewhat stronger and more in your face. Also worth your time is the stuff on the Decoherence label, lots of heavy stuff, nowave and other weirdness.

Favourite track: Dawn Raid


I don’t really have a big record collection but in it are two LP’s by USA/MEXICO and hopefully a third soon because they are about to release a new album called ‘Del Rio’. USA/Mexico is guitarist Craig Clouse (Shit and Shine), bassist Nate Cross (Marriage, Expensive Shit) and drummerKing Coffey (Butthole Surfers). A lot of their stuff is on the incredible label Riot Season Records wich you should check out, lots of heavy psych and riff fueled music. Teir second album ‘Matamoras’ is still one of my favourite superheavy albums of the last years. I love how they search for the heaviest sound in their riffs and together with the weird vocals you get a real special album. Check it out and I added the first track from their upcoming album ‘Del Rio’ too.

Black Pus – Def Vesper

Black Pus is a one man band, Black Pus is Brian Chippendale, the drummer of Lightning Bolt. His latest release is called ‘Def Vesper’ and is somewhat of a noiserock drum album with lots of noises. Both in has solo project as in Lightning Bolt I really love the no nonsense speed and in your face noisepunk they make. Black Pus as well as Lightning Bolt have a lot of past releases that are absolutely worth your time.

Nearly Dead – Something Stronger

This is maybe not really in the line with what I am posting here but the thing is I really want you guys to check this out. I am really into Nearly dead because their hardcore punk sound has saxophone in it and I absolutely love it, their sound is so dirty and filthy. They have a couple of releases out and I am really happy with the vinyl too, real beauty with lots of extra gadgets when you order it. Very nasty stuff.


I am a really big fan of the music scene both old and new in Japan, so big of a fan I made a really really long list about it with only psychedelic Japanoise bands and it is called The Cosmic Side of Japan. What is not on that list though is Endon because they did not quite fit well. Endon produces hellish noisemetal. Their music is riff-fueled terror with lots of noise influences. Absolutely awesome stuff that I am sure will resonate with some of you.


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