Album Review: Violblast – “Lazarus Abandoned” 8/10 (Thrash Metal)

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t *dislike* thrash. I just don’t, like, like it. It’s never done much for me. Maybe that’s because I got into metal later than lots of metalheads; by the time I was diving in, instead of being introduced by bands like Metallica and Anthrax and Testament, I was checking out Meshuggah and Fear Factory and Arch Enemy. My gateways were bands with thrash influences, sure, but definitely not thrash bands.  […]


Album Review: The Hyena Kill – “A Disconnect” 8.5/10 (Alt Rock)

It’s hard to know where to start with A Disconnect by The Hyena Kill. Probably one of the best words to sum it up is ‘cathartic’, but that doesn’t really shed much light on what it actually sounds like. The Manchester-based four-piece’s second full-length is difficult to pigeonhole for sure, but chances are if you enjoyed relatively recent offerings from the UK underground like Phoxjaw’s Royal Swan or Black Peaks’ All That Divides, you should get on pretty well with this. It’s also difficult not to hear a heavy dose of the alternative metal of the likes of Tool and Deftones (neither a huge surprise given the band was drawn together by a shared love of both those artists, among others). […]


Album Review: Draken – “Draken” 8/10 (Prog Rock)

Prog as a genre has become meaningless these days. Half of all the metal/hard rock bands have prog somewhere in their genre and the other half write music that display characteristics of what has historically been called prog. Then you have bands that just call themselves prog. Yeah? Prog what? I’m a bit of a newbie to prog rock and I always thought it was basically Rush and Gentle Giant. It had clean production, was usually happy, and rocked in a more cerebral way. Then I heard Norway based prog rock power trio Draken and they’ve kinda changed what I thought prog rock could be. Dropping on March 26th, Draken’s self titled debut has a retro vibe that harkens back to metal and hard rock of yore but with a new, exciting reimagining. […]

Metal Collectors

Metal Vault Collection No 2 – Dylan Clark Arkansas, USA

I’m Dylan Clark from central Arkansas (Ark-an-saw), USA. I am a younger guy, as far as collectors go. I was born in ’92 so my first memory of collecting was begging my mom for AC/DC Back in Black, and Metallica Black album at a very young age. So maybe like 1998? I still have those cds hahahaha. My parents got me into metal. My earliest memories have Van Halen, Motley Crue, Great white, Ozzy, etc playing in the background. […]


Album Review: Portrayal Of Guilt – “We Are Always Alone” 8/10 (Blackened Hardcore)

A really good blackened hardcore release and no one specifically told me about it? I had to find it all on my own months after release? Christ, you guys are really letting it slip this year. The whole merging of black metal and hardcore variants like post-hardcore or screamo has had a huge come up in the last few years and it’s pretty much my porn. Finally, a scenario in which black metal can be good. […]


Album Review: Brand Of Sacrifice – “Lifeblood” 8/10 (Deathcore)

Whether you like deathcore or not, it’s pretty easy to see that the genre isn’t exactly in its heyday right now, and there’s a couple of reasons for that. Almost all of the biggest bands in the genre have either fallen from grace or faded from the limelight. That leaves fans looking for the next big thing, and unfortunately they aren’t really getting it, because young bands are really struggling with innovation. It is of my opinion that the band currently carrying the whole fucking scene on their back is Brand of Sacrifice, here’s why. […]


Album Review: Breaths – “Lined In Silver” 8/10 (Post Metal)

Lined In Silver is simultaneously familiar sounding and also filled with intrigue. Disband your expectations and let the album unfold because it does not persist as it initially presents, which is something much closer to Deftones. It’s a comforting album that I play regularly, there are great storytelling instrumentals narrated by a very capable vocalist with alt rock and shoegaze roots. They’ve really honed in on a specific sound and rode it out to completion. […]