Metal Vaults Collection No 4 – Marc G with a C, from the UK

Introduce yourself and how you first got into Metal

Hello! My name is Marc & I am a heavy metal addict, for which there is no cure! I have been an addict for over 30 years now!
I have my own YouTube channel ‘Marc G with a C’ where I talk about all things heavy metal!
I also play guitar in the U.K. Death/Doom Metal band Enchantment & we are currently in the process of recording our 2nd album to be released by Cosmic Key Creations/Transcending Records!
My father is a big music fan & he had quite a large record collection, which contained Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin etc, so I was exposed to superb music at a fairly early age!

Tell Noob Heavy about your collection

I have around 4,300 pieces in my collection including CDs, vinyl & cassette tapes!
I’m lucky that I have a whole room in my home to house my collection & I can keep it organised & out of the way of intruding into the family spaces!
According to the highest prices on Discogs, it is valued at just under 50k! Fucking mental that

What was your trigger to start collecting?

I don’t think I ever consciously started out to have a collection! I was always a huge fan of the physical format & me & my friends would regularly go to the record shops in our area & see what new music they had! We’d buy it & take it home & study not only the music, but the artwork, the lyrics, the thanks list, whatever we could absorb from it, we did & that has never left me!

How do you manage your collection?

All my CDs, vinyl & cassette tapes, live in/on custom-made black shelving! My collection is important to me, so it deserves a good home! It is in alphabetical & chronological order & I have everything listed on Discogs! I have some separate shelves for new additions to my collection, so that I don’t have to constantly keep adding pieces in bit by bit, I tend to wait until I have a nice stack & then incorporate them in one go

What is your most valued item, and does it have a story? 

I have many pieces in my collection that have sentimental value to them, so it’s hard to single out one, but fairly recently a viewer of my YouTube channel contacted me to say he wanted to send me something that he felt would be more at home in my collection, than his! It was a demo tape by the U.K. Thrash Metal band ‘Fatal Impact’ whom he was a member of & this copy he sent me, is the only one in existence! What an unbelievable gift to receive!

Which item in your collection has your favourite artwork?

I’m a huge fan of anything by Dan Seagrave, Ed Repka, Mark Riddick… the list goes on, but the one album cover that I think is my favourite at the moment is the latest Jungle Rot release

What item has the craziest backstory and how it came to be in your possession? 

I’m not sure you could call it a crazy story, but I was attending a Xentrix gig & it was around the time they had just released their cover version of Ghostbusters! Well, halfway thru their set, they were telling the audience how the cover art they were going to use, had been banned due to copyright bullshit, but Roadracer Records had already printed up a load of sleeves! “Who wants one of the banned covers?” Chris Astley shouts & promptly started to throw them out into the crowd! Quite a few of us at that gig got one that night & is an extremely valued piece of my collection!

What is your Holy Grail?

I have a lot of music I would love to have in my collection! I’d love all the Old School Swedish Death Metal bands original demo tapes, Nihilist, Dismember, Nirvana 2002, Macabre End, Grave! But if pushed to pick just one Holy Grail, I think it would be an OG press of ‘Descend Into The Absurd’ by Fleshcrawl!

Why do you think it’s important to collect physical media and metal merch?

In my opinion, the whole ritual of playing & then listening to the physical format, is a much more personal thing & brings you closer to the music & the artist! You take the time to sit & listen to it, to let the music wash over you & absorb every note! Weird as this may sound, I can only really get into an album, once I own a physical copy. The attachment is everything for me!

How can people follow you on Social Media, and see your collection?

My YouTube channel ‘Marc G with a C’ & my Instagram page, ‘marc.g.with.a.c’ are both dedicated to showing & talking about my collection!

What is the VCLT, and what inspired you to jump onboard and start your YouTube channel? 

VCLT stands for ‘Vinyl Community Love Train’ & it is pretty much different collectors from all over the world sending each other music! It’s a non obligatory thing, but a great way to introduce friends to new music & it really brings the music collecting community on YouTube together!

I started my own channel, after watching other YouTubers videos & finding that I had a lot in common with many of them! That kinda inspired me & I felt quite compelled to share my collection too, once I’d plucked up the courage to talk on camera that is!!

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I do the music for the band Aeons Abyss, and also co-host The Metal Podcast on Spotify. I have been into Metal since the mid-80s, growing up in country Victoria, Australia. Some of my favourite bands from back in the day include Morbid Angel, Slayer, Obituary, Bolt Thrower, King Diamond, Megadeth, Sabbat and Iron Maiden. I am a massive fan of Aussie Metal, and underground metal in general, and for me, nowadays the scene is very much akin to the tape trading days when metal first started; but instead of tapes we have Bandcamp, websites like Noob Heavy, and Social Media platforms. These are the tools to network with other underground metal bands and metal fans from all over the world. A little about my band: Aeons Abyss formed in 2017 and we play our own brand of Death Thrash Metal. Our music is on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp, where we also sell our merch directly to fans. Also, our lyrics are a very important component of our music, so much so that our vocalist is known as "Death Metal Poet".

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