Metal Vaults Collection No 7 – Ivan (thrashing_freak) from Spain

Introduce yourself and how you first got into Metal

Hello Steve, what´s up? First off, I would like to thank you for this interview, I greatly appreciate it! My actual name is Ivan, I´m from Spain and I started collecting music at the very young age of twelve in the late nineties; a madness that hasn´t stopped until today!

Tell Noob Heavy about your collection

Well, I don´t really have a count about how many items I do have in my collection but my estimation is around +2000 original cd´s and around 180 vinyls (I know; a few vinyls compared to CDs, shame on me, sorry). For the storage of the collection I use one room (a man-cave) where I also keep my guitars, gear and home recording set up (you can recognize it in my guitar playthrough videos hehe.)

What was your trigger to start collecting?

When I started Internet wasn´t a common thing like nowadays, so there was only two ways of getting new music; tape-trading or buying original albums, and if you traded music with people, you´ll need to have music available, so it was a vicious circle; you´ll buy music for listening but also for trading.

On the other hand; I love illustrations, and most of covers in heavy music (in spite of mainstream) are absolute pieces of art. Andreas Marschall, Dan Seagrave, Derek Riggs, Wes Benscotter etc. I would get mesmerized staring at those drawings, analyzing every detail… When you buy an album you´re getting a full package of art.\

How do you manage your collection?  

I don´t really manage anything, just buy some new stuff whenever I have the urge and some budget available. Currently I don´t do trades or sell, just buy on eBay like I´ve been doing for the last 15 years. I´m not on Discogs or Bandcamp, by the way.

What is your most valued item, and does it have a story? 

Sadus: Illusions on vinyl. The very first press, self-released by the band (later reissued as Chemical Exposures). I got it from a friend (a local promoter) who sold it to me for a really cheap price 14 years ago. I don´t know why since he could have sold it at a higher price on a bid, but thanks to him I´m able to own this masterpiece in my collection!

*Honorable mentions:

Autopsy: Severed Survival. Original artwork, first press, Peaceville
Slayer: Show no Mercy. First European press. Music for Nations
Sepultura: Morbid Visions. First European press. Shark Records
Funebre: Children of the Scorn. First press. Spinefarm Records

Which item in your collection has your favourite artwork?

It´s really hard to pick just one. Like I said before, artworks, logos, layouts etc. are crucial in this kind of music and therefore, there are zillions of amazing illustrations to choose from. An impossible task!

Anyways, for some reason, I´ve always been sentimentally attached to “Somewhere in Time” cover. This Blade Runner imagery melted in the Maiden universe… Definitely the best Maiden cover and best Eddie character. In fact, they still use the Eddie-Cyborg as prop in their current tours and that´s for some reason, don´t you think?

What item has the craziest backstory and how did it come to be in your possession? 

Well, it´s not exactly one item; a portion of my vinyl collection was bought from a friend who lost interest in music. He wouldn´t care anymore about his vinyls and offered me to buy a lot for an insane cheap price. In fact, for a moment I thought that if I would have accepted the offer I might feel some remorse later for cheating or stealing him since he could have listed them for a bid on eBay and earn a lot of money (bear in mind that most of these albums are absolute gems!). I also offered help him selling his collection without commission, but for some reason he wasn’t keen to do so, just wanted to get rid off them, said that he preferred sell to me instead someone unknown so finally accepted buying the lot. I can´t be more grateful for that!

What is your collecting Holy Grail? 

There are so many “White Whales” haha

Demigod: Slumber of Sullen Eyes
Adramelech: Spring of Recovery
Pungent Stench: For God Your Soul, For me Your Flesh
Benediction: Transcend the Rubicon (first press)
Fates Warning: No Exit
Toxik: Word Circus and Think This
Watchtower: Energetic Disassembly
Obliveon: From this Day Forward
Capharnaum: Reality only Fantasized
Decomposed: Hope Finally Died…
Dark Millennium: Ashore the Celestial Burden
Phlebotomized: Intense, Inmense, Suspense
Abigor: Nacthhymnem
Odium: The Sad Realm of Stars
Vinterland: Welcome to my Last Chapter

And the list will never end… Sadly I´m currently so broke to afford first press, discontinued, and rare albums. But a good reissue is always welcomed.

Why do you think it’s important to collect physical media and metal merch?

I wouldn´t say is equally important as buying music, but anyways is a big part of the game and for someone who grow up without internet, magazines/fanzines were the only way to discover new bands and music. And about merchandise; I used to wear and  buy a lot of shirts, long sleeves and hoodies back in the day, but there must be more than ten years since I haven´t bought any band shirt or related merch, but I keep them in my wardrobe and don´t plan sell them by any means.

How can people follow you on Social Media, and see your collection?

My only account on Social Media is on Instagram. The user is @thrashing_freak and I post regularly first press vinyls and CDs and some (worthy) reissues. Also some guitar videos, even though I´m an awful player, haha.

Thanks a lot for the chance of being interviewed! Take care! Ivan.

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