Album Review: Symbolik – Emergence 9.3 (Melodic Tech Death)

Written by Carcassbomb

  • Symbolik
  • Emergence
  • Melodic Tech Death/Symphonic Black Metal
  • California, USA
  • April 10, 2020
  • Via The Artisan Era (Merch Link)
  • 9.3/10

An album a decade in the making and carrying influences from across a length of time, making for a pretty unique combination of melodic death metal and technical death metal, though with a blackened touch. The riffs on this one are addictive and varied but never without a sense of outlandish melody. This one will absolutely slap your ears about and demand many listens. Emergence comes out on the 10th of April.

Artwork by Mark Erskine

That album art. As shallow as it seems, good art always gives me a good feeling about an album – it’s an essential first impression that more often than not proves true. Almost every time I’ve seen bad art, it’s been an average or cringe release. I’m not familiar with this artist but I enjoy the color palette a lot, I’m sure I’ll see more of their work in the near future. There’s a cooling natural essence to the whole thing – just not of this earth perhaps. 

Emergence is a really fast paced album with a consistent level of blast beats, sweep picking and symphonic backing tracks. Even the vocals choke out a shit load of words per minute. It has a similar pacing to a lot of Cradle Of Filth and Children Of Bodom but without the cheese, it’s more focused on technique and finesse than anything else. It’s a sound that has some older influences but is clearly very aware of the current metal scene and it’s styles. It’s dynamic and entertaining. 

The guitar solos are top notch wizardry and beckon me to air guitar every time. There’s a lot of expression in the tones and the notes, which I’ve just realised are strikingly similar words. I find myself often swaying to the guitar mood while also shaking my heels to the constant drum kicks. The tracks are an average length with it rarely going over the four minute mark and the entire album is less than forty minutes long but there’s also a really engaging centrepiece with each track, or at least an engrossing progression. It provides a similar level of engagement as 2019’s Rings Of Saturn.

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The dual vocals are another highlight for me, I’ve always enjoyed this stylistic choice but when you have an album this fast it’s even better. I’m not sure if it’s two vocalists or one vocalist in post but there’s some sick lows and sick highs that often overlap or share lines in a very effective way. There’s a cadence to both of the voices that make me think it’s a single vocalist, which would be very impressive. I can’t get a hold of lyrics beyond the video but based on track titles like “Corridors Of The Consumed” and “Dirge Of All Creation” I’m assuming there’s themes of misanthropy and self loathing at hand here. A thirst for something more.

The symphonics on this album are incredible and play well with some of the soaring guitar tones. I dare anyone who typically says they can’t stand symphonic metal to listen to this album, it will change your mind for a half hour and Emergence will become the exception for you. The synth additions are very stimulating and don’t tend to dwell because everything moves along so quickly. From beginning to end this album is a constant ride that’s never boring.


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