Album Review: Bodysnatcher – This Heavy Void 8.6 (Deathcore)

Written by Zax

My home state, Florida, was a hub for death metal in the early 90s, with legendary bands like Death, Deicide, and Morbid Angel. Over the last decade, there has been a huge uprising of hardcore in the state as well, more specifically that new brand of hardcore that attaches elements of beatdown, metalcore, and deathcore to the sound. Every scene has a leader, a band who’s carrying the torch so to speak, and I thoroughly believe that band is Bodysnatcher here in Florida.

They’ve got the success to show for it too, I’ve seen them steadily grow more and more popular since the release of their first EP. They opened on some pretty big tours in the last two years for the likes of Chelsea Grin, Lorna Shore, and Slaughter To Prevail. They are currently on their own headlining tour across the country. The hype behind their new album “This Heavy Void” has been immense, and for good reason!

This album is the darkest thing they’ve ever made, even ignoring the lyrical content which is primarily focused on child abuse at the hands of a shitty father, a dead relative, and some social and political issues, the atmosphere here is just pitch black, which is well represented by the awesome artwork. This is also their heaviest release to date, I didn’t think they could get any heavier than their debut full length, but damn was I wrong.

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This album is full of riffs, breakdowns, 2-steps, and fight riffs that instantly give you that stank face with their incredibly low tuning. The drums are absolutely earth shaking as well.

Their vocalist is a beast behind the mic, with gutturals that’ll shake your room, as well incredibly aggressive hardcore vocals. The lyrics can go from deep and sort of sad to aggressive and pissed off in an instant. For example, here’s some lyrics from the track “Torment” that seems to be about a family member with Alzheimer’s:

“Decaying and brittle / You could barely speak / Decaying and brittle / You looked so weak / It was only days later when you left / You were set free with a smile on your face / Now it’s all I can see.”

Now, here’s a lyric from the track “Reparations” which seems to be about the tyranny of the 1%:

“I grit my teeth as you fill your pockets / I’m chomping at the bit / To rip your eyes / From their sockets.”

If you’re ever pissed off, or hitting the gym, or just looking for the heaviest piece of core music you’ll ever hear, this comes highly recommended, you will not be dissapointed.


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