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Owner: Carcassbomb

My pen name is Carcassbomb and I am from Brisbane, Australia. I started off by writing reviews for The Metal Archives in 2018. In 2019 I got my own domain and joined social media which all branched out became much bigger, a lifestyle. I write a lot of reviews and collaborate with a lot of creatives on various projects. I also do a lot of interviews and other features nowadays. All web design you see across the site, including formatting of all reviews is done by myself (sorry). I am studying at university part time (Was in arts degree, switching to business/journalism) and do metal PR to fund this site.

I am also a creative writer with a fondness for short stories and poems. Perhaps one day I will publish the ones that got good grades. Left activist but not all left, I align with common sense before all else. I obsessively collect cassettes. I’m 29 years old and have three kids. Big reader.

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Reviewer: Zach

Hey guys!

My name is Zach. I have a very diverse music taste, even outside of metal. There are very few metal subgenres I don’t thoroughly love. Some favorite metal albums of mine this year have been Forgotten Paths by Saor, The 13th Beast by Malevolent Creation, and Demiurgon by Equipoise. I can’t play a lick of music, but I love promoting it and introducing others to artists I think deserve more attention, whether that be through my short and sweet reviews on the Zax Record Reviews socials, or the longer reviews here at Noob Heavy.

While I do listen to just about everything sent my way, I only review things I genuinely enjoy. Digital and physical (CD/Vinyl) submissions are welcomed and encouraged, cheers!

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Reviewer: Hard Album Review

Hey there to you all.

This is Mass, a simple boy from the Middle East – Tehran, to be precise. But here I am known as HardAlbumReview. I’ve been a hardcore music fan (pun intended) since years ago. Finally, in the summer of 2018, I decided to give music more serious thought. I started reviewing music, chiefly metal and rock, posting my stuff mainly on Instagram and Encyclopedia Metallum. Then I figured “damn, there is so much to learn!”. It was then I started collaborating with a respectable pal from the other side of the world, Carcassbomb, on his Noob Heavy project.

I am an English teacher by profession and it has given me the propitious opportunity to acquaint myself with various topics and fields of study, only to make me firmly believe that I truly know nothing about anything. Music to me is the main hobby, alongside other forms of entertainment such as cinema, anime, series, and games, particularly board games (oh I LOVE this one). To be honest, I am thinking about pursuing a career in music or entertainment in general in the future.

I cannot say what my 2019 choice is so far; I would like to wait till the year is over and then decide, as lots of albums from big names of the genre are to be released and I am counting the days in anticipation. So let’s see what comes our way.

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Reviewer: Alex

I’m Alex aka. Destroyer Hands and I’m from British Columbia, Canada. 

My content is mainly focused on reviews and plenty of recommendations of what I’m listening too. I’m an avid fan of black metal and all types of dark, weird music. But I listen to a little bit of most genres. 

I’ve been a massive music fan for most of my life and decided I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions with other music fans. So I decided to start an IG page in December of 2018 and that’s how I got started. Since then, I’ve just been having fun writing about whatever music I find exciting.

As far as some favourites from this year I’d say these albums 

Abyssal by Humanity’s Last Breath, The Heaven That Dwells Within by Wormwitch, Caligula by Lingua Ignota and To Bath From the Throat of Cowardice by Vitriol

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