Album Review: Child Of Waste – “Hunger Made Man” 7.5/10 (Deathcore)

Written by Zax

  • Child Of Waste
  • Hunger Made Man
  • Deathcore
  • Paris
  • January 6, 2020
  • 7.5/10

Deathcore is a very hit or miss genre, but when it hits, it hits hard. Some of my all time favorite metal records are of the deathcore genre. Chugcore is a pretty prominent underground core label that’s put out releases for some of the biggest modern names in the genre, like Shadow Of Intent, Vulvodynia, Within Destruction, and Acrania. I’ve decided to keep a closer eye on the label this year so I can get my core fill, and I’ve already found a gem!

Artwork by Maxwell Aston

French deathcore unit Child Of Waste just released their new record Hunger Made Man on the 8th. The first thing that caught my eye was the awesome album art done by Maxwell Aston. This is a pretty eclectic blend of deathcore stylings, from slamming deathcore bangers, too haunting symphonic deathcore tracks, it has got it all.

Instrumentally we have the chugging riffs, breakdowns, blastbeats, and grinding bass lines that are expected from a good deathcore record, we also get bits of ethereal lead work and synths to really throw some atmosphere on to the record. The track “Aphrodite” shows the band flexing some more technical lead work though. The vocalist has some quality high screams and some deep fierce gutturals. He picks up some slam techniques hear and there too, with some pig squeals and some nasty deep growls.

Child Of Waste: Bandcamp / Spotify / Instagram / Facebook

Some tracklist highlights include the ultra heavy “Loose Noose” with a perfectly timed Tropic Thunder sample right before the breakdown. My favorite on the album honestly has to go to the beautifully eerie “Autopsy Of A Monster”  that features an awesome synth driven breakdown and choral vocals that come in toward the end of the track.

January releases often get overlooked as everyone recovers from the craziness that is the end of the year, but this is definitely one you won’t wanna miss if you’re into deathcore!


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