Album Review: Summoning The Lich – “United In Chaos” 8 (Death Metal)

I’m a pretty busy guy. I listen to a ton of stuff, I’d listen to everything if I could, but it’s simply not in the cards. I heard about this new Summoning The Lich album upon release, but for a while there it just fell by the wayside for me. After some incredibly positive recommendations from friends and readers, and Noob Heavy’s own Carcassbomb putting the record on their mid-year best list, I decided to check it out! […]


Album Review: At The Gates – “The Nightmare of Being” 8.5 (Death Metal)

I don’t think any band exemplifies the idea of carrying the whole game on your back quite like Sweden’s At The Gates. Every time they release something new, it’s a monumental moment for metal. There’s a tremendous amount of pressure on them to perform considering their influence. Every melodeath band to this day is still jocking At The Gates riffs, and the entire second wave of metalcore wouldn’t exist without them. Despite this pressure, they never fail to deliver quality tunes and keep death metal fans happy. […]


Album Review: Hannes Grossmann – “To Where The Light Retreats” 8.3 (Prog Death)

Going into this record, I knew there was no way I wasn’t going to love it. The reason for that comes in knowing who Hannes Grossmann is, and if somehow you don’t, let me tell you! Hannes Grossmann is a legendary death metal drummer, having been a part of Necrophagist, Obscura, Hate Eternal, and Triptykon to name a few. He also has some great production credits under his belt, like the last Gomorrah album, or most recently, the fantastic new Mother Of All album. With a pedigree that stacked, my expectations are always sky high for his work. […]

Death metal

Interview: Mother Of All (Progressive Death Metal, Denmark)

A couple of weeks ago, I covered the best new death metal album you haven’t heard yet, Age Of The Solipsist by Mother Of All, the Danish solo project’s first full length record. Age Of The Solipsist arrives to us officially on June 11th. The album is very eclectic as far as genres go, and the performances on the record are exceptional all around. The mastermind behind Mother Of All is Martin Haumann, today I’ll be bringing him on to dig deeper into the record! […]


Album Review: Feed Them Death – “Negative” 8.6 (Deathgrind)

If there’s any band out there that’s long overdue for a Noob Heavy feature, it’s Feed Them Death. Not only is this the third fantastic project they’ve released since contacting me in early 2020, but Void – the man behind Feed Them Death – also owns a record label called Brucia Recorrds that consistently releases some of the most abrasive avant-garde metal known to man. So yeah, it’s safe to say this one has been a long time coming. […]