Album Review: Age Of Apocalypse – “Grim Wisdom” (Hardcore)

Written by Zax

  • Age Of Apocalypse Grim Wisdom
  • Hardcore/Heavy Metal from the United States
  • Released on January 21st, 2022 via Closed Casket Activities

I think it’s hard to beat the feeling of going into an album totally blind and absolutely loving what you hear. Age Of Apocalypse are a fairly new band out of New York and they’re signed with Closed Casket Activities. Given that, I was expecting an above average hardcore record, but what I got was that and so much more!

The record is rooted in hardcore, what with the two-steps, breakdown-esque passages, punky percussion, and pissed off screamed vocals. That stuff could’ve stood just fine on its own, but it’s all the extra bells and whistles they’ve thrown in that really make this one special.

What really caught me off guard was the immense heavy metal influence in the album. I’m kinda the guy who hates traditional heavy metal and thrash, but it’s all over this record; from the compositions, to the riffs, the solos, and a good amount of the vocals. The vocalist has this grizzled, burly semi-clean delivery that generally wouldn’t do it for me, but they totally work in this context. I am generally more friendly with crossover thrash, but I wouldn’t really say this fits that mold either, it’s an interesting case for sure.

Those riffs though. Holy shit, the riffs. This guitar tone is fucking nuts. Each passing riff sounds like crashing, rumbling thunder. This deep, menacing tone makes the record such a blast to listen to.

There’s also a good bit of atmosphere on this thing. It’s got this cold, gloomy vibe that actually reminds me of the early 90s a bit. There’s even a full blown slow burn melodic cut titled, “Begging The Reaper” that adds a lot of dimension and depth to the album.

This is a really badass record folks. It clocks in under 30 minutes, yet it feels so full and complete. It’s a great listen, and a unique one too. Check it out.