EP Review: Telomyras – “Telomyras” (Heavy Metal)

Written by Valkyrjiaa

> Heavy metal
> Washington, US
> Releasing February 18
> Independent/self-release

Inspired by both classic and contemporary metal, Telomyras creates riff-driven music, emphasizing the melodic with carefully punctuated nods to progression. Releasing their self-titled EP on February 18th, 2023, the collection of songs on this release represent the band’s musical and creative reverie, embracing both darkness and light with boastful swagger. Influenced by a myriad of metal genres, such as power, thrash, and traditional heavy metal, Telomyras strive to build a unique listening experience that goes beyond expectations. Wielding a stunning set of vocals and exquisite lyrics that touch upon conflict and change, Telomyras delves into myth, personal strife, and our world’s deteriorating reality.

“Cambion” starts up on a bludgeoning mixture of high-pitched riffs and high-energy drumming, bringing the mood for conflict to front and center. The female vocals add a layer of complexity to a sound associated with old metal men, delighting the senses and bringing an edge of fascination in their arrival. It’s simple in its lyrics but performed in narrative high tones to highlight the emotion and message in-between: “From the depths I come to thee. Can’t you see, now you are free?” However, it’s also not without some vicious solo work; you get the feeling that technical skill isn’t the only knowledge these musicians have up their sleeve.

Following up is “Colorless” that once again brings the raw guitars in for an ethereal vocal scream. Moving on to the madness of thrash on this track, Telomyras rein in the chaos only slightly, still letting the rigged edges of their sound pierce through. “Life rushes like misty breeze, fate is yours to paint. Coin of dreamers time is not, canvas standing empty”. This track gets into the deep and heavy, offering a variety of maddening riffs, reflective lyrics, and hammer-like drumbeats to really get the blood-pumping for what’s to come. 

“First Blood” changes tune, going more experimental and Megadeth in its eerie beginning. You feel the progressive tone and the “Hangar 18” essence at the root of this elaborate track. “Kill and conquer, trade our lives for another’s honour” is such a deep line that offers a more in-depth glance at what we fight and strive for. Suddenly, the beat rises, and we feel the energy of sorrow change to one of desperation and almost anger. My favourite from the EP for its layers of emotion and lyrical depth, really adding another plane to this musically grandiose track with its subtleties. By hammering down the absolute insane solo in this track, the insanity comes full circle, and left my jaw on the floor. 

“Hydra” gets in that dirty riff right off the hop to go Iron Maiden in influence; the heavy metal craving finally satisfied. The masterful guitar work from Jack Schonher and Ephraim Grim is beyond inspiration, always heard pressing harder, faster, and madder than before. This track has a traditional feel that’s admirable and pulled off as if it’s straight from the 80’s with Sammie Gorham’s vocal prowess adding that extra bit of “oh wow, they’re new?!” incredulity.

The final track, “Throne of Ruin”, gets under your skin, with a heavy bass line from Eric Thomas being energized by Travis Busby’s building drums. A cacophony of guitars ruptures the tension, absolutely slaughtering us with some killer speed and height. It’s got a power metal vibe in its core and really gets into releasing the emotion within, to not only allow its consumption, but to “smash the throne of ruin”. It’s one hell of a finale, offering up every bit of energy and inspiration this band has and throwing it down in a flawless performance. If you only pick one track to listen to – make it this one! 


Telomyras goes absolutely wild in this self-titled EP, mixing in every bit of their inspiration with their own unique essence that makes it comfortably familiar yet strangely feral. It’s got astounding vocals, hellishly cool guitars, and an unnerving blend of drums and bass that really make you ‘itch’. I loved the screams, the out-of-nowhere solos, and the unnerving rise from the melodic core that really had me guessing which direction each track would take. Do yourself a favour and give this EP a full listen through, I promise you won’t regret it.