Album Review: Sensory Amusia – “Breed Death” (Brutal Death)

Written by Zax

>Sensory Amusia – Breed Death
>Brutal Death Metal
>From Australia
>Releasing May 27th 2022
>Lacerated Enemy Records

I first became familiar with Australian brutal death metal unit Sensory Amusia back in 2020 because of their Bereavement EP. That was a strong release, and given that, I was excited to hear this new record, but nothing could’ve prepared me for just how badass this listen would be!

Dropping May 27th, Breed Death is their sophomore record, but weirdly enough, there’s nearly a decade separating their two full lengths. You can tell they’ve been cooking this one up for a while, cause the performances are incredibly tight and impactful. It’s rare to see innovation in brutal death metal, and I don’t know that I’d quite call this innovative on a sonic level, but it’s a truly thrilling, punishing ride.

I think the production might be a bit dicey to some, but I personally love it, serves as a platform for them to get as blistering and visceral as possible. Never once is this record stagnant or monotonous, they throw us for neck breaking twists and turns at lightning speeds. It’s an exciting listen, a thrill even. All of the functionally useless brutal death metal I’ve heard over the years, and this record got an impressed “GOTDAMN” out of me on just about every track. It grabs your attention and simply refuses to let go.

Varying degrees of rawness are generally responsible for the most brutal music out there, but I think razor sharp technical proficiency can often make for even more punishing music. In that regard, the percussion on this record is particularly impressive, the barrage of intricate blasts is a straight up assault to the senses. The riffs are also crushing, and they splice in some flashy lead work too. This vocalist is bonkers too, dude has crazy range, but I particularly love his filthy high screams.

This record lit a serious fire under my ass, I had a great time with it! I love it when extreme music can be this engaging. I think these guys are going places, do not miss this one.