Single Review: KYTARO – “Non-Binary” (Experimental Math)

Written by: Valkyrjiaa

>KYTARO – “Non Binary”
>Single from album Temporary Internet Files
>Experimental Math-Rock
>Released April 1st, 2022
>Budapest, Hungary
>FFO: Converge, The Physics House Band

Sworn in as a pseudo-exotic psych-math trio out of Budapest, KYTARO reveal their video for “Non-Binary” off their second album, ‘Temporary Internet Files’. This video is absolutely out of this world. The band explains it as “a corrupted society in which every aspect of human life is shaped by competition, individualism, and exploitation. We follow a sensitive man (a garbage collector by profession) who had always lived on the line finally begins to seek his own identity and a place inside the community.”

With all things going through the ritual of consumption to destruction and waste, the garbage and its bins become forms of symbolic meaning in both revenge and beauty. Throughout the video, we see glimpses of the bins opening up in vivid green light, as if to offer a new future for those who have always been left out, and those who have been fragile in a world in which they’ve fought just to survive.

The foreshadowing of playful colours and shadowed bins from the beginning are quick reminders of the mindlessness we face in our own society. The music dances on harsh realities with its heavy drumming, while electronic harmonies glide along to show us the fragility of our mental state. Guitars come in both strong and dragging, to paint the emotional picture many of us have had to face.

As chaos ensues, we find that self-discovery may not come with a gentle breeze, and that those of us who have always fought for what little we needed to survive are stronger than we believe ourselves to be.

Not only is this track insightful, its infectious in its strides as it mixes electronics with metal to keep things both entertaining and alluring.

You can find more from KYTARO over on their Bandcamp where you can also order you’re very own copy of ‘Temporary Internet Files’ OUT NOW!