EP Review: Sterickoy – “Catastrophism”

Written by: Valkyrjiaa

>Release Date: April 2022
>Alternative Rock/Metal from NW England
>Label: Unsigned
>FFO: Black Sabbath, Motorhead, and White Zombie
>Sterickoy Bandcamp

Noob Heavy features a variety of musicians – from the big label hitters to the unsigned and independent up and comers, we are constantly searching for new albums, new genres, and well anything we can sink our teeth into really. No… I’m not kidding, we’re pretty insatiable when it comes to anything music related.

In that sense, we were recently graced with the musical works of Sterickoy and his all new EP that features classic and old school metal grooves with his own unique twist. This 4-track EP, titled ‘Catastrophism’ is a cool blend of solid riffs, ear-worm vocals, and steady bass that’s as infectious as it is passionate. Add a touch of quirky electronics and you’ve got something that comes off as strangely familiar yet, entirely new to your ear holes.

‘Catastrophism’ has a very nostalgic feel to it in both sound and lyrics, touched by the electronic finesse to give it a new take that still sounds eerily familiar in its execution. As you struggle to find the similarities and call-backs to the notes so harmoniously pulled off, you find yourself enamored by the unique variations that this album has to offer.

The first track, “Impactors” is fluid in its rhythmic expression, having a smoker’s room feel to it with vocals reminiscent of Motorhead. It’s on the lighter side, letting the bass sink in rather than slamming us with high-hammered screams and over-powering drums, allowing us to admire Sterickoy’s methods before being fully immersed.

Title track, “Catastrophism” picks up the pace and allows the electronics to flow through more prominently than in the previous track. The beat is one to move to, whether it’s toe-tapping or head-swaying, there’s no way not to find yourself dancing along to the infectious beat long after its ended. “look to the skies, you won’t believe your eyes,” is a quick line but, one that’s sung in perfect balance to command attention and keep from pulling you out of the song’s vibe making it my favourite from this EP.

“Cataclysmic Convergence” is not only a mouthful of a song title but, one that’s holding the Sci-Fi vibes to heart. Vocals remain low and slow commanding the pace of the song for much of its duration but, this makes it easy listening for those looking for something a little more on the old school groove front and less on the heavy metal front.

The final track, “Aftermath” goes hard on the electronic intro, reminding me of slowed-down Mr. Oizo’s “Flat Beat” from the late 90’s. It’s a bit scratchy at first, and hard to tune into but, it seems to be meant to come off as such before the chaos is dialed in. Once clear, we’re greeted to an electronic melody, touched by old school metal undertones and heavy vocals that amplify the beat. This tune is as catchy as it is intriguing, offering musical depth through its layers of electronic use, old school homage, and alternative harmonies.

The Bottom Line:

Sterickroy is someone to keep your eyes and ears on. Ascending from his previous record ‘110 Seconds’ by ditching the rabid distortion and cranking the electronic elements; giving us a palette cleanser in the groove metal field by adding touches of alternative melody, and metal foundations with his deep, relaxed vocals that set your route on cruise control. If you’ve been craving that basement groove, or garage metal band that occupied your cassette player for 90% of your youth, this is definitely an EP to get your hands on.

Favourite Track: Catastrophism