Album Review: Spill Your Guts – “The Wrath It Takes” (Blackened Hardcore)

Written by Zax

Every now and again, I hear a record where I can tell each and every member poured their heart and soul into their craft, and this new Spill Your Guts record is certainly one of them. There is so much triumphant intensity radiating off this album; this international unit absolutely refused to give into that sophomore slump.

Blackened hardcore is not a new concoction, but they do it in a way I’ve never heard before. A lot of this album’s distinctive qualities can be attributed to the stellar, rock solid production. It’s very reminiscent a particular strain of early 2000s hardcore that was spliced with just a hint of metalcore; this is because they had Scott Middleton of Cancer Bats on mixing and mastering. I’ve never been a huge Cancer Bats fan, but Scott definitely left his mark on this record for the better. All the instruments sound crisp and tough as shit, this is one hell of a heavy record.

You don’t get a lot of black metal atmospherics on this record, but between roaring blastbeats and the lightning fast tremolo picking, there is a raw, authentic black metal energy coursing through this album’s veins. It’s sonically orgasmic the way they finesse between black metal and hardcore playing styles, it’s truly seamless.

There isn’t a dull moment to be found here, and the band’s guitarist Larry makes sure of it. On top of the tremolo picking and beefy power chords, this dude is shredding his ass off!.The lead work is very impressive and constantly entertaining. The vocal performance is also completely nuts. Commanding, throat-shredding screams shroud this record in a veil of emotional power.

This record demands replays, there’s something so infectious about its energy. Its release date has been pushed to April 25th, and I hope y’all will keep this one on your radar. Not one to miss.