Album Review: Hegeroth – “Sacra Doctrina” (Black Metal)

Written by Zax

  • HegerothSacra Doctrina
  • Black Metal from Poland
  • Releasing Independently on January 24th
  • Alright Noob Heavy, it’s time to kick off 2022 with a bang. Yes, I’m starting off this frigid, grey month with some beastly black metal from Poland! This is Hegeroth’s 4th album and my first go around with them.

There’s definitely an art to taking an old formula and having it sound fresh and exciting, and Hegeroth have certainly delivered on that front with this no frills black metal beatdown. There’s an insane amount of energy on this record, you can really feel that icy, steel guitar tone pulsating through your system.

It more or less goes without saying that the riffs are nuts, pretty catchy too. Screeching lead work on here as well, my god. They also got a rock solid low end going, just ruthless performances all the way through. There’s a few interesting structural and melodic elements throughout that really spice up the experience and elevate that ice-cold atmosphere.

The rhythm section is skull crushing, the percussion is relentless with the blastbeats and there’s a deep, grinding presence from the bass. On top of that, the vocals are especially raw. Great throat-shredding screams on display here.

This is a great example of just a kickass metal record. It’s not exactly reinventing the wheel, but it’s so savagely well-performed that I believe any metalhead would have a great time with this one. It’s dropping on January 24th and I would urge you not to miss it.