Album Review: Necrosexual – “Seeds Of Seduction” 8.5/10 (Black/Thrash)

Written by Jeffery Murderwood

Necrosexual Seeds Of Seduction
Blackened Thrash from Pennsylvania, USA
Releases September 3rd, 2021

Where to start with this review. I have so much to say about this 3 song Ep. Let’s dive in. 1st song on the ep is chaos command. Right off the bat you are hit by some awesome falsetto and groovy riffs  that instantly reminded me of King Diamond. After I listened to the first minute of this song, I had to press pause. Why you ask? So, I could go grab a notepad, I knew this was going to be awesome.

The ep releases sept 5th 2021. And I suggest you grab it! This band reminded me right away of King Diamond/Judas Priest meets Gwar. The themes and lyrics are well written and also funny, they contain poetic passages like “watch the palace crumble, Mountains turn to dust, this feral type of foreplay, as the lashes rain upon my body, a fable inked in flesh. Valleys so vast no light escapes” which I think are just brilliant! The band itself sounds very well rehearsed and the sound has been expertly cultivated into something unique yet familiar. It reminds me of the type of metal that used to be more prevalent in the 80s and early 90s along with some modern flair.

 “Chaos Command” is full of excellent riffs and great drumming I really liked the line “many have come before me but I am the 1st and the last.” The music doesn’t get bogged down trying to be too heavy either. Fans of the not so heavy will like this album. As well as those who are into the extreme side of metal. The clean singing is excellent and really pairs well with the style of music played. Generally I think it would be hard to have ears and not enjoy this album. 

“Screamin’ For The Steaming Demon Semen” is a track…. Lol this song has some rad riffs right out of the gate. The lyrics are hilarious and awesome. The chorus will get stuck in your head and plague you in public as you sing it at Home Depot… or at least it did for me…man the stares… hahah this song is exactly what I thought of when I heard the band name Necrosexual. Infectious, groovy, and all around well done! As a fellow artist and writer, I spent some time pouring over the lyrics. An excellent writing in my opinion, The music backs up the lyrics very well and vice versa.

“A Long Time To Die” is probably my favourite track on the whole ep. I love when the music slows down and Necrosexual says “vigo play something a little dead, and a little uhhh…sensual” made me smile from ear to ear , and reminded me of Dave Brockie. If you aren’t into gimmicks or fun, you may as well not listen to any of this. But I find the gimmick and the whole vibe fun as hell. On top of that it’s extremely well executed. As an artist I know how hard it is to get the tight sound that seems to come so easy to Necrosexual, just shows the excellent musicians that make up this band.

Overall this is an awesome ep and I am glad I had some time to sit down and listen to it and write up an article. This ep will definitely be going into my rotation. Awesome falsetto throughout the ep…at one-point Necrosexual says “nailed it” after a falsetto belting…that’s basically how I feel about the whole ep

 This band nailed it! And nailed it so hard…so sensually…so…GOOD! So don’t be a weak virgin. Go out and get this ep as soon as it comes out! Unless you are allergic to smiling and good tunes. 


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