Album Review: Estuarine – “Nyarlathotep” 9/10 (Death Grind)

This album falls into the genre of death grind. And wow is it ever what it was advertised to be. I first thought “Nyarlathotep that’s a mouthful.” So, like the curious person that I am, I did a quick google search of the name of the album, which revealed the origin, Nyarlathotep resides in the hp lovecraft mythos. The epithet for Nyarlathotep being “the crawling chaos” I think it’s a poignant choice for this album title. There are 8 tracks on this beast of an album. The longest being the last at 3 mins. The overall length is 10 minutes. […]

Black Metal

Album Review: Hastio – Self-Titled 8 (Black Metal)

I was first introduced to Hastio a few days ago by a close friend who runs an underground tape trading network, I know right? Sounds like some fight club style shit, but I digress, lets not lose focus here. Since my 1st listen to their self-titled album these guys have been stuck on repeat. Some of my favorite tracks on their self-titled album include “Yog Sothoth (El señor de la galaxia)” and “Isengard.” When I was considering how to start this review I thought to myself I need to point out the very obvious hardcore punk influences you can hear throughout the album. […]