Album Review: Estuarine – “Nyarlathotep” 9/10 (Death Grind)

Written by Astral Slaughter

Blackened Death Grind from America
Releases March 19th, 2021

This album falls into the genre of death grind. And wow is it ever what it was advertised to be. I first thought “Nyarlathotep that’s a mouthful.” So, like the curious person that I am, I did a quick google search of the name of the album, which revealed the origin, Nyarlathotep resides in the HP Lovecraft mythos. The epithet for Nyarlathotep being “the crawling chaos” I think it’s a poignant choice for this album title. There are 8 tracks on this beast of an album. The longest being the last at 3 mins. The overall length is 10 minutes.

Reading through the press release I found that Estuarine is a solo artist, but you would never know from the music. This album starts off strong and is an excellent meld of death and grind. It is always awesome to hear musicians pull off the melding of two genres, especially when it is done this well. This blending of death metal and grindcore is very evident from the beginning and continues throughout the album. Elements of death metal guitar can be heard all through the album. Overlaid on drums that also meld both genres well. 

The overall atmosphere of this album is crushing. Its set to release march 12th of this year (2021) I for one can say I will be picking it up! For a 10 minute album, it feels much longer. Like the saying goes “leave ‘em wanting more” and I do..I want so much more. I’ll be listening to this on repeat. 

The vocals on this album are on point. The guitar is everything you’d think death grind should be if you aren’t familiar with death grind and to top it off the drums are also a perfect balance of grind and death. I feel like fans of both genres won’t be let down with this purchase. Personally, I am not a fan of grindcore as I find it can be redundant and is usually a cheap imitation of anal cunt, incoherent guitar riffs buried under blast beats with the pang of a snare drum that’s been tuned tighter than a nuns….well you know.

Estuarine seems to have captured the best elements of grind and blended them seamlessly with the brutality of death metal.  My overall thoughts are don’t miss out on this album!

I give it a 9/10.

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