Microdose: Third Chamber – Harvesting Our Decay (Brutal Death)

Written by Carcassbomb

  • Third Chamber
  • Harvesting Our Decay EP
  • Death Metal/Hardcore/Grind
  • Calgary, Canada
  • November 22, 2019 (Independant)

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Now these are tremolos I can get behind. Third Chamber are basically a death metal supergroup and that’s a fair enough status considering the calibre of this EP. They’re somewhere between pure Cannibal Corpse and Knocked Loose, which as you can imagine is very intense and diverse. Harvesting Our Decay is pretty much the kinder surprise egg of death metal. Keep an eye out for this one on the 22nd of November and get in on that cassette pre-order, it looks incredible.

Artwork by Shane Hawco

The blending of genres never taints the death metal aspect which is the most present in the song writing. Other variants you can hear are grindcore, hardcore and brutal death metal, taking only the heaviest elements of each. The surprise elements I spoke of were of the prog/heavy metal persuasion. The band includes members from After Earth, Culled, False Flag, Lordosis, Meggido and We Found The Body and that music experience can be felt.

The opening on “mind rot” might be one of my favorite ways I’ve heard a track start in a while. It comes in with a little bass diddy and the guitar immediately matches it afterwards followed by the drums bringing the rest of the song into existence. This is such a fat Ep that I actually thought it was an LP, but it was simply playing on repeat many times. I was not upset, there’s an impressive amount of material on display in this 20 minute run time. This is brutal death metal to get your balls pierced to.

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