Album Review: Holy Fawn – “Dimensional Bleed” (Blackgaze)

Written by Barlovv

Holy FawnDimensional Bleed
> Doomgaze
> Arizona, US
> Released September 9
> Triple Crown Records / Wax Bodega

I want to breathe fire
I want to grind my teeth into dust

Every once in a while, an album comes along that slots itself perfectly into an empty hole in my brain, and nestles there. It’s a hole I wasn’t aware was even there, but once its filled, there really isn’t anything quite like it. Turns out that time has come again in the form of the Arizona band Holy Fawn – and to put it quite simply: holy fuck.

The album starts with a genuine and almost unsettling peacefulness, you are drawn in and start to find rest before almighty and bonecrushing screams blasts through and you are finally able to see what Dimensional Bleed is going to bring you. The album balances the serene and the brutal in a really exceptional way that others have tried but few ever manage to get right. The band kind of filled the hole left by Brand New after…all of that.

The seemingly discordant tone to the album really only serves to add to the impact. The thing hits you like a fucking ton of bricks and manages to isolate you solely within the album. No matter where you are, you’re lost and you’re alone, and death is indeed a relief. Admittedly, that could just be my own mindset – and while that might sound like a bleak nightmare, it is exactly what I needed, so clearly this came around at the exact perfect time.

Talking too much or too long about this album does run the risk of my sliding into becoming unable to explain or properly describe what I mean, what would work best in terms of a review for this album would be for you to just be in my head and feel exactly the feelings that I felt listening to it. It’s the kind of album that gives you chills and sticks just below the surface of your thoughts for days. A feeling you want to chase but also worry about getting lost in it.

I can’t really speak to how it compares to the previous full length because Dimensional Bleed is my first foray into the world of Holy Fawn, but you can bet it won’t be my last, should I ever manage to find time to listen to things released in the years passed. The perils of reviewing things, I guess.

Getting off track there, so lets jump back. The album is an experience, and one that you need to have in your life. 2022 has been a heavy and bleak year, and 2023 isn’t looking a whole lot better from where I’m standing, and so taking this trip with Holy Fawn doesn’t exactly wallow in it, but it acknowledges it and lets you know that you need to feel it exactly how you’re feeling it. For now.

The Bottom Line

Dimensional Bleed is a masterpiece. What else is there to say? Go fucking listen to it.