Album Review: Virocracy – Irradiation 7.5 (Prog Death)

Written by Tchyort

  • Virocracy
  • Irradiation
  • Progressive Death Metal
  • Stuttgart / Göpppingen, Germany
  • March 27, 2020
  • Via Black Sunset / MDD
  • 7.5/10

Progressive metal can be a tricky trap for many bands. With all the innovation in technique and songwriting it can be incredibly difficult to stand out from the pack. With so many variables to consider, how does Virocracy’s debut hold up?

The band comes out of the gate swinging with tons of chunky riffs. The first real song “Initio” starts out with a headbanging monster of a riff before hitting the listener with a flurry of blast beats right into the first verse. Vocalist Anika ov Moseberg brings a welcome ferocity with her performance, belting out the lyrics with a powerful mid-range scream. The song shifts into a melodic chorus shifting the tone briefly before bringing back the neck swinging jams.

“Initio” is a good indicator of how the rest of the record takes its form, alternating between no-nonsense thrashy goodness and tasteful melodic passages to weave its tale. Some songs such as “Dysplasia” throw in some really nice clean interludes that would fit perfectly into an Obscura record. All the songs are carefully crafted though they feel as if they reach just shy of their real potential. After the first couple of tracks the songs tend to blend into one another and while the intensity is definitely there, it feels like the band has more in the tank that they aren’t utilizing.

Virocracy: Bandcamp / Facebook

Irradiation is a fantastic debut album that shows great promise for the band. The groove is tight, the riffs are thick, all the members are giving it 100%, but with some tweaks to the songwriting and if Virocracy can push the intensity just a little further they could be the next heavy hitting death metal band.


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