Album Review: Devangelic – “Ersetu” 8.5/10 (Brutal Death)

Written by Carcassbomb

  • Devangelic
  • Ersetu
  • Brutal death metal
  • Rome, Italy
  • May 15, 2020
  • Via Willowtip Records
  • 8.5/10

Double kicks behind chugging breakdown riffs, this is my kind of brutal. The opening lick of the album lulls you and pulls you in only to have your shit reversed by sheer force. This is the third LP from Devangelic and my entry point to their discography. So far I’m definitely on board, this is some crushing death metal at hectic speeds.

Artwork by Nick Keller

The kick is very present on this album and it’s a killer clean. It sounds like a constant fast chopping. Fans of Disentomb and Psycroptic will find a lot to appreciate here, it’s very similar to that style of grindy almost industrial brutal death. There’s the occasional bit of hardcore that comes through but it’s fleeting, I would have enjoyed a bit more of that slower direction. The stomp factor is super hype when there’s breakdowns.

There’s only so many ways to describe the kind of music that feels simultaneously like a punch to the gut and a shit to the pants. “Throne of Larvae” is a stand out track that utilizes a dual vocal technique overlapping death highs and lows. It’s highly enjoyable whenever they find ways to expand on the typically tight formula of brutal death.

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There’s a Nile kind of air to the album with the imagery, themes and use of samples in the music. It’s just as persistent in it’s hemorrhaging of the drum beat too. The growls vocals are deep and wide like a lot of blackened death metal or there’ll often be a burpy vocal accompanying screeching. There’s a good variety that show a level of prowess from the vocalist managing to throw down to such a chaotic soundscape. There’s a bit of a drilly feel that Bloodthirst by Cannibal Corpse had. It’s good for a mood.

It’s a firm release that shows a level of sophistication that sets it apart from the run of the mill brutal death bands. It’s a good album with few faults.


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