Album Review: Behold… The Arctopus – Hapeleptic Overtrove 7.8 (Experimental)

Written by Carcassbomb

  • Behold… The Arctopus
  • Hapeleptic
  • Experimental/Prog/Tech Metal
  • June 12, 2020
  • Via Willowtip Records
  • 7.8/10

I love the way this album opens, it’s such a tantalising progression to begin with. The percussion is unlike anything else I’ve heard with all sorts of rattles and satisfying timing. It’s a very stripped back but hyper focused album that displays a lot of instrumental versatility and storytelling in league with Bongripper. It’s not just an instrumental album, it manages to push boundaries and explore some shit. It’s a bit front loaded but it was a great space to start off in nonetheless.

The combination of style and technique creates a highly engaging sound. I’d advise you to smoke up and throw it on, it will grip you. Not only is it a joy to follow it and wonder where they will go next but every moment is accentuated just right with tiny flourishes on the sides that will tickle your peak. On an amusing side note they have one song with (Instrumental) after the title and yet every song on the album is an instrumental. This one does feel extra instrumental though due to the lack of percussion, so I guess that’s what they mean hah.

Perhaps there is a little too much contrivance on the second half of the album where it seems to spread out a bit more and simmer out in some places. While it is mostly an entertaining album it’s not as consistently vibrant as a project like Igorrr or Thy Catafalque. It’s the kind of sound that achieves its peak when the energy is high and I think overly ambient passages ruin it more than contribute anything. It can be too much like “Here’s some time… and here’s a thing! And another thing!… ok here’s some time”.

Behold… The Arctopus: Bandcamp / Facebook

For such a long running band this is certainly a high quality release with no signs of creative stoppage. They are very much doing what they do but it feels like they’re trying to be on point and further their own playing or composition. Once you settle into the noise aspect of it you can start to see what they’re doing with all of that excess noise. It’s an interesting album that will remain memorable as the year progresses.

I’ve been jamming it to some games.


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