Doom metal

Interview: Jonas from Katatonia

2020 has been a great year so far in terms of new releases from legacy bands, and now everyone is very excited about the brand new Katatonia album City Burials. It is released on the 24th of April via Peaceville Records. I had the incredible fortune to speak to Jonas the frontman of the band via Skype which has been transcribed below for your reading pleasure. It also includes a fan Q&A I did with Jonas where he answered YOUR questions. The audio version of this will be available on the podcast next week. We talked a lot about the album, lyrics, writing process and fans asks a variety of questions from collabs and online concerts to highly specific ones about certain songs. So there’s a lot to enjoy and learn here. […]

2020 Albums

Album Review: Benighted – Obscene Oppressed 9.2 (Death Grind)

Typically on this site I find myself digging into new material from bands I’m not that familiar with, and while that is fun and exciting, every now and again I get to delve into something I’ve been anticipating for months from a favorite artist of mine, and that is really special. It’s nice to take the time and really sink my teeth into something I’m so passionate about. On that note, today we’re talking about the new album from long running French deathgrind band Benighted. […]

2020 Albums

Album Review: Beggar – Compelled To Repeat 7.2 (Sludge Metal)

This record is interesting to say the least. Beggar have made a record that dips its toes into a lot of different genres while never really submerging in one. Despite being a mixed bag, the record does work quite a bit better than I thought it might. My first few listens through, I found it a little jarring to be jumping all over the place sound-wise but I do appreciate more and more what was trying to be done. The band have created a sound that is sludgy and doom-laden while keeping a nice edge to give the record its unique atmosphere. Not everything works flawlessly but the band made a lot of bold choices and I commend them for that. […]

Death metal

Interview: Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder

I’m very glad to have had the chance to chat with Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder about their upcoming album Verminous, coming out April 17th. I don’t have to introduce The Black Dahlia Murder do I? They’re one of the few bands who headline with older bands under them. They’re titans in the metal scene and they’re back with some quality fucking death metal. We discuss the artwork, we discuss lyric writing and we discuss his Twitch Stream too which can be found right here. […]

The Hu release new video
Folk Metal

Mongolian hunnu-rock band THE HU release new video for Wolf Totem, feat. Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach)

Are you familiar with hunnu-rock? It’s a one-of-a-kind mixture of Western rock music combined with traditional Mongolian instrumentation and throat-singing in the native language. THE HU has been making waves around the globe over the past two years with this signature brand, their first videos went viral. Several festival appearances and a European tour followed, as well as the release of their debut album “The Gereg“ in September 2019 (read our review here). […]

2020 Albums

Album Review: Body Count – “Carnivore” 8.5/10 (Metalcore/Rap)

I’ll admit, I’ve listened to a lot of Body Count, as in, I’ve listened to the same album from the 90s a million times and never bothered going further or exploring their discography. So this album opened way fucking harder than I was ready for. I mean, second track around the 2:20 mark I had no choice but the throw-down – do you know how much strain that is for a 30 year old smoker? There’s a lot modern deathcore/metalcore elements that work nicely into the rap/rock dynamic. […]


Australian Heavypedia: Interview with Age Of Emergence (Prog/Stoner)

Age Of Emergence are a band from Newcastle in New South Wales, here’s a little tidbit from Wikipedia about the area: “Newcastle is a harbour city in the Australian state of New South Wales. Its plentiful beaches are linked by the Bathers Way, a coastal walk stretching between Nobbys Beach and Merewether Beach. The walk provides access to Bogey Hole, a convict-built ocean bath from the colonial period.” […]